Quality vs. Quantity: How To Decide What’s More Important When Building Your Wardrobe

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“How much should I spend on my clothes?” Sound familiar? It’s a question that comes up frequently. Check out this interesting fact… According to Esquire magazine, the average man spends just over $1,000 each year on shopping. Here’s the catch — they only wear 13% of what they buy!! If that sounds familiar, think about how much money you might’ve wasted over the years. Honestly, it could be in the thousands of dollars. This is likely the result of not knowing how to add pieces to your wardrobe that work with what you currently own. But there’s another reason why […]

Never Think About What To Wear: 3 Simple Habits Every Well Dressed Man Practises

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Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Never thinking about what to wear again… Making it happen is actually much easier than you might think.   Before we get to that, let’s rewind for a second. Back in the day you would’ve caught me wearing nearly every colour under the rainbow. This likely had something to do with my insecurities — using my sense of style to get the attention I’d always been craving. The funny thing is that it worked! You can’t really miss a guy wearing a bright yellow t-shirt. What does this have to do with […]

Why These Hidden Benefits Of Grooming May Make You Rethink Your Routine

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Attention to detail… It applies to every area of our lives. It’s what makes great men stand out from the rest of the crowd. Most of the time it’s associated with anything competitive, like sports. Why can’t it apply to our sense of style too? At the end of the day we are competing to make a good impression and to stand out from other men. Maybe it’s to get the attention of a cute girl, gain recognition from your boss, or respect from a complete stranger. Since you never really know who you’re going to run into while you’re […]

5 Ways To Look Stylish Even If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

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It can be a long process… Learning how to dress well and to be viewed as a stylish man can take years to master. Trust me! After years of trial and error, countless mistakes made, a ton of money spent, and several changes to my tastes in style to finally figure out what works. Through this experience I’ve come to learn that defining your personal style is an ongoing process.   As you grow and your lifestyle changes so does your sense of style. I’ve seen it happen over the years. Back in the day (my teen years) it was […]

How To Maintain A Professional Image Outside Of Work Without Feeling Flashy

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Picture this… It’s Saturday night and you’re out for drinks with your buddies. Not a care in the world. But wait… Out of the corner of your eye you notice one of your clients or coworkers walk in. An important one too. While nursing a crisp pint of lager your mind starts racing. You’re out having a good time and it’s the last thing you want to think about right now. So you dressed accordingly. An outfit made up of a “well-worn” pair of jeans, an old (yet comfy) t-shirt, and scuffed up sneakers. A perfectly appropriate outfit for a […]

How Wearing This ONE Colour Can Help You Appear More Confident, Attractive, And Healthy

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Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is and it’s based on scientific research. This one colour can be a tricky one to pull off without looking bad. But when done properly it can easily improve your style and have all the desired effects mentioned in the headline. So what is it? The ONE colour you’ll want to add to your wardrobe is red. When it comes to fall your best bet is to focus on a specific shade of red. It will be more relevant for the changing colours of fall. But before we get to […]

A Gentleman’s Guide To Choosing The Right Tie For Any Occassion

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It seems that they’re a dying breed… Ties are no longer as popular as they were twenty or thirty years ago. You could argue that they were more necessary in those days since dress-codes were much stricter. With the rise of business casual outfits in the workplace we’re seeing golf shirts and khakis taking the place of suits. Ya, this look can be more comfortable but it does come with its limitations. There’s nothing sexier and more powerful than a man in a suit.   This is true in the workplace and when you’re out socializing. A well-fitted suit says […]

5 Smart-Casual Outfits You Can Wear Before Summer’s Over (Using White Sneakers)

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If you’re like me and live in a city where summer is short-lived, you take full advantage of the warm weather. Though it’s much easier to throw on a tank top with shorts, don’t sell yourself short (no pun intended). It’s easy to look great without feeling the wrath of the heat. All it takes is a little careful planning and understanding what you need to look for. That’s it! Before we dive into it, you might be wondering… What Are Some Go-To Brands? This will vary depending on how much you’re willing to spend. It’s worth keeping that in […]

A Conversational Secret That Opens More Doors And Leaves A Lasting Impression

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The art of being a gentleman… It includes many facets that go beyond looking the part. Yes, style is my favourite topic to discuss. But there’s a few other topics that I’ve grown comfortable with talking about. Especially since it all ties back to the idea of being a gentleman. I’ve said this before, style is your foot in the door. People are more receptive to you when your appearance makes them feel at ease and willing to trust you. Once your foot’s in the door, where do you go from there (especially when you’re short on time)?   Picture your typical day… […]