The 10 Essential Qualities Every Gentleman Possesses

It's a way of life. It's also one of those things in life that never goes out of style.

Being a gentleman is more than just dressing well and getting trendy haircuts.

It's who a man is at his core.



It's no secret that classic barbershops, cocktails, and even fashion trends have come back into style over the last couple of years.

You could argue that TV shows like Mad Men and Suits have made this way of life seem more appealing.

Or maybe it's that the masculine lifestyle that was popular during our grandfather's era has made a comeback.

They do say that trends always come full circle.

Whatever the reason is, it's awesome to see men invest more time and energy into their self-care than they have in past years.

There seems to be a lot of attention placed on the grooming and style side of things, but how about the way a gentleman should act?

Over the years I've noticed that there's specific qualities that all gentlemen seem to have.


To help you tap into your inner gentleman, here's the 10 qualities every one of them possesses:


  • Patience: It is a virtue, isn't it? Every gentleman understands that not everything will be perfect. The key is to keep working towards what you want out of life while appreciating everything that is going well. Patience when it comes to improving your style, building your career, etc. will make the process a much more enjoyable one.


  • Growth Mindset: Being a gentleman doesn't mean being perfect. If anything, a gentleman is always looking for new ways to push his limits. This could be setting personal bests in the gym or addressing what he considers a weakness. A growth mindset encourages you to remain ambitious..another great quality of all gentlemen.


  • Humility: No matter how great a gentleman looks, feels, or how successful he is, you'll NEVER find him bragging about it. Though a gentleman understands when to celebrate his victories (like landing a new client, or a successful first date), he knows that humility is an attractive trait.


  • Acting In Spite Of Fear: It's not that gentlemen are completely fearless. They're human after all. But all wise and successful men have achieved greatness only because they were willing to step outside of their comfort zones and take risks they weren't 100% sure were going to pay off. Start with taking a risk with your style and do something with it that you've always wanted to.


  • Isn't Afraid To Stand Out: Gentlemen are willing to swim against the stream. Doing so sub-communicates to the people around them that he's a leader and is willing to stick his neck out. Not only is this seen as confident but it often gains them positive attention. The best way to do so is to define your personal style and use that as a way to avoid blending in with the crowd.


  • Attention to Detail: Of course remembering your boss' birthday or favourite wine is always wise. Gentlemen pay the most attention to detail when it comes to their appearance. Each item is carefully chosen with a specific intention in mind. Colours are meant to match, necessary items are tailored, and even their cologne is meant to convey a certain message about their personality.


  • Always Overdresses: A true gentleman is always a step ahead of average guys. This means knowing your schedule ahead of time, understanding the dress-code, and choosing a style that's a cut above the rest. Doing so positions himself as a leader within the "tribe" and immediately earns him respect.


  • Always Well-Groomed: A gentleman knows that the possibility of running into your next boss, client, or girlfriend is always high. This means that his grooming routine is always on point. Ensuring that his appearance is always up to his high standards is a must. Hair is freshly cut, nails are clean and trimmed, shoes polished, and body odour is under control.


  • They're Not Self-Absorbed: Even when they could talk about themselves for hours, a gentleman never does. He understands that the art of connecting with people is to show genuine interest in what others have to say. Of course a gentleman always offers his input too.


  • Prides Himself In His Appearance: Whether running errands or attending a wedding, gentlemen always treat style as an extension of good manners. They understand that dressing well is a sign of respect, not only for themselves, but for the people they're bound to encounter.
Last Thoughts:

Gentlemen understand that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

Remember that being a gentleman is more than just the way you act. It's a lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.


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