The 10 Habits Of Very Stylish Guys Revealed

Keep it simple.  Seems easy enough, doesn't it? 

Yes, but when it comes to style there's so many options. How does a guy keep from getting overwhelmed?

Honestly it might be easier than you think.



The secret of always being well-dressed comes down to a few habits that all stylish guys stick to.

At first that didn't make sense to me but recently it's become much more clear why this approach works. 

All the stylish guys I would meet stick to the same basic principles.

By doing so they eliminate the possibility of dressing well becoming a complicated process. As a result they avoid being overwhelmed. 

This also guarantees that your style will consistently be well put together.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Enough small talk. Here's the 10 habits of very stylish guys...


1) Always Plan Ahead

By doing so you can literally save hours every single year. Without a plan when getting dressed in the morning you waste precious time figuring out what to wear. This time could be spent eating breakfast, going to your favourite coffee shop before work, or save you from rushing into the office at the last minute.

2) Never Afraid To Take Risks

In an attempt to stand out as a well-dressed man you must be willing to take risks. When doing so you also have to be ok with the fact that taking risks with your style in terms of trying new trends or changing your image all together might not always pay off. That’s ok because this is the best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

3) Comfortable With Standing Out

On top of taking style related risks, all well-dressed men are ok with standing out from the crowd. Getting used to the extra attention is something that may take time but when you know you look great just embrace it.

4) Understand The Difference Between Style & Fashion

Yes there is a difference. Style is much more personal, it’s timeless, and doesn’t change wit the seasons. Fashion is much more temporary. It varies from one season to another and trends change frequently so it can be costly to keep up.

5) Keep Their Approach Simple

Simple yet significant. Easily the best approach to take when it comes to being a stylish man. Simplicity could be in the form of sticking to neutral colours, adopting a uniform (signature look), or building your wardrobe around pieces that will stand the test of time.

6) Know The Basics

87% of clothes that men purchase ends up sitting in their closet for years. You can avoid throwing away your hard-earned money by investing in well made basics. These are pieces that you know will work well with a number of different outfits. 

7) Never Over-Think Things

Trust your gut instinct. Your downfall will come the moment you question it. Trust me, every time I second guess my outfit for the day I regret it and would have rather stuck with the original one I had in mind that day.

8) Understand Fit Is Everything

This one can’t be stressed enough. No matter what brands you’re wearing or how much you paid for it, if your clothes don’t fit that will make you look sloppy. Wouldn’t you rather turn heads for the right reasons. For example, wearing a pair of baggy jeans could add an extra 10-15 lbs to your frame based on how you’re visually perceived.

9) Not Concerned With Logos And Expensive Labels

Playing off the last one, it doesn’t matter how much you spent on your suit or your entire look that day. First off, nobody will ever see the label on the inside. Secondly, even if they do it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day people will appreciate your well put together appearance more than the brands you’re wearing.

10) They Know When To Let Go

A lot of the men who have hired me tend to hold on to a lot of pieces from the past that no longer serve them. They could be worn out, don’t fit, or not congruent with the image of themselves they want to portray. If you still have clothes from university or if your t-shirts have changed colours, it’s time to part ways.

Last Thoughts:

It's fairly straightforward. 

Stick to these 10 habits, don't over-complicate the process, ALWAYS plan ahead, and watch your style elevate.  

Most importantly trust your gut.

So many great outfits have been left on the shelves because men have second-guessed their choices. 

Hopefully  you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

If you would like help turning more heads, getting positive attention, and more compliments in your personal and professional life click here to learn more about Image Consulting. 


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