Secrets Revealed: 10 Rules All Stylish Men Live By

Your entire approach will change. Once you know what these 10 rules are, you'll never look at style the same.

These rules have all stood the test of time and for good reason.

All stylish men understand that dressing well doesn't have to be complicated.

You can easily achieve similar results in your own life even if you don't know where to begin.

Your first step is to read the list below!

Add Subtle Touches Of Colour

There's a fine line between being bold and wearing too much colour.

When done properly it can make a powerful statement.

Men who can wear colour without drawing the wrong kind of attention send the message that they're ok with standing out and are confident enough to deal with the attention.

The best advice is to think of colour in the same way you would think of adding spice to a recipe when cooking.

Just enough can enhance the dish (in this case your outfit) but too much will completely ruin.

Tread lightly my friend.


Keep Your Outfits Simple Yet Significant

Could this one be any more oblivious?

Let me explain.

There's a lot to be said about keeping your outfits simple while still making a strong statement.

It doesn't take much to dress well and once you figure this out, your life will be so much easier!

Take an all black outfit for example.

Depending on your intended message it could mean anything from "Leave me alone, I'd rather fly under the radar." Or "I'm a mysterious, creative type who has deep thoughts."

Regardless of which approach you take, your style can do ALL of the talking for you.

Remember that 55% of all communication is non-verbal, the way you dress is a big part of that.

Simple and significant means dressing with intention and not trying too hard or being too flashy about it.


Don't Be Afraid Of Pattern Mixing

Interested in entering the advanced ranks of men's style?

It all starts here.

Pattern mixing can be a tricky technique to get right since it's very easy to create an outfit that looks very busy and has been put together with no rhyme or reason.

My suggestion is to be cautious when taking this approach.

No more than 2 out of 3 main pieces (pants, jackets, and shirts) should be patterned. Any more and it'll easily look too busy.

Another approach you could take to make your outfits more unique is to add some texture. This would mean trying new fabrics that you're not already wearing.

A few suggestions would be trying a knit-tie, tweed blazer, or swapping your jeans for a pair of chinos.

Plan Ahead But Don't Overthink It

This one's easy, assuming that you already know your schedule ahead of time.

With that in mind and taking your lifestyle into consideration, it should be no problem to plan your outfits.

The reason stylish men live by this rule is because it actually frees up a ton of time when you're getting ready.

Ever hit the snooze button and feel like you're rushing out the door in the morning?

Most of us have!

Save yourself the headache and know what you're wearing ahead of time.

This also improves your chances of dressing well since you've have some time to think about it.

Have A Disciplined Grooming Routine

Easily one of the most important rules on this list.

All stylish men see their barbers at least once a month (some even go every week).

Shaving, skin-care, and even scheduling time to decompress are all important habits to live by.

Not only will you feel better and have more energy but you'll also look younger and have more confidence because your friends and family will notice.

Before you know it, compliments will come pouring in.

Sticking to a disciplined grooming routine will not only keep you healthy but it always feels great when somebody assumes you're younger than you actually are.

Choose A Signature Look And Stick To It

Consider this personal branding.

When people begin to associate you with a certain image, you've done a good job.

The tricky part is figuring out your signature look.

The first step I take with my image consulting students is to learn as much as I can about their lifestyles and align their signature look with that.

It really depends on how you'd like to be perceived and using style as the vehicle for communicating that message.

Your best bet is to draw inspiration from other men who attract the results you're looking for.


Establish A Good Relationship With Your Tailor

Unfortunately, not everything you buy will fit perfectly.

That's why finding a good tailor and being loyal to them is so important.

All stylish guys know that when something fits right, it's more valuable than what you paid for it or what logo is on the label.

The best part about having a reliable tailor is that he can cater to your unique body type!


Don't Be So Quick To Adopt New Trends

Just because everyone else is doesn't mean you should do it too.

A recent example would be joggers (cuffed pants with a dropped crotch) which were very trendy in 2015.

A lot of men bought into this trend but very few could pull them off without looking childish.

When it comes to trends, take into consideration if it actually makes sense for your personality and lifestyle.

There's a difference between looking trendy and looking stylish.

It helps to think of style as being more personal.

Whereas being trendy is focusing more on what we see on runways, in magazines, and what experts are recommending.

Trends come and go.

Style is permanent.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Try stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to style.

When was the last time you overhauled your wardrobe?

I'm guessing you still have a few clothes in their from your university days.

If not, at least something very similar to what you wore back then.

Ya it may seem a little intimidating at first but once you make it a habit to take risks with your style, it becomes easier over time.

Wearing items like a tie or fitted jeans might feel restrictive at first but once you're used to it you won't even notice.

The difference they can make with your image is worth the initial hassle.

This small habit of stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the quickest ways to elevate your look without completely revamping your image.

Stay Loyal To Brands That Flatter Your Body Type

There's so many to choose from these days.

So why not stay loyal to the ones that actually work well with how you're built?

Rather than wasting time (not to mention money) on shaking things up, stick with the brands that already work for you.

The tricky part is actually figuring out what those brands are.

Ideally they'd also have a wide range of casual and more formal options so you don't have to go through too much trial and error.

Once you've gotten past the "figuring it out" phase it's all smooth sailing!

Last Thoughts:

There you have it!

After reading this post you now have an idea of the 10 rules all stylish men live by.

Memorize them, act on them, and wait for the compliments to come pouring in.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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