11 Lessons From Modern Style Icons Every Man Should Know

It's a valuable lesson. I've learned that there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Ever since I launched Street Gentlemen I've been drawing style inspiration from some amazing men.

All of them post frequently on Instagram and have their own unique takes when it comes to menswear.




I've saved you the trouble of having to sort through millions of accounts and have rounded up the top 11 Modern Style Icons Every Man Should Know.

Check out the lessons learned from each of them below.


Aleks Musika: He's the definition of class! Aleks is the co-founder of one of the finest custom-made suit companies in the world -- Musika Frere. Seeing his approach to style will inspire you to step your game up. He reminds us that the finest thing a man can wear is a well-fitted suit.


Davidson Frere: Not only is he Aleks' partner in Musika Frere but he also runs his own luxury sneaker line -- Lavati. The lesson to be learned here is that the world of luxury fashion doesn't have to be stuffy and that there's room for your personality to shine through.


Antonio Centeno: In a world that tends to complicate the process of dressing well, the founder of Real Men Real Style's take on style will remind you that looking good is worth investing your time & energy into and that every man has the ability to stand out as well-dressed.


Mr. Daniel Ocean: The only Canadian on this list. Ocean reminds us why it's important that your clothes fit well. Whether he's in sweats for the gym or suited-up, it's always well-fitted. The best part of taking this approach is that it draws more attention to your best physical assets.


Parker York Smith: This may be a bold statement but he's arguably got the best hairstyle out of all the men mentioned on this list. Consider that a reminder that a strict grooming routine is worth sticking to. You could describe Parker's style as preppy with an edge.


Barron Cuadro: Simplicity is key. Barron's approach is all about looking great built around a lean wardrobe. Focusing on well made essentials and neutral colours can make your life much, much easier when getting dressed every morning.


Nelson Yong: He's the definition of smart-casual. Nelson's approach to style is ideal for the young professional that's interested in looking trendy while dressing appropriate for his age. Dressing casual doesn't mean sacrificing your sense of professionalism.


Travis White: The Unkept Gentleman. Travis' style is very diverse which reminds us that we shouldn't feel restricted to one approach. He looks just as comfortable in a suit and tie as he does in black jeans and a hoodie. His personality is clearly reflected in the way he dresses.


Blake Scott: This guy truly understands the lifestyle of a gentleman. Dressing the part is a portion of the equation, there's much more to being a gentleman than dressing well. Grooming, etiquette, and the activities a gentleman takes part in on a daily basis also play a role.


Brock McGoff: A common struggle many men face when it comes to style is dressing well for their body type. Brock's approach to style proves to us that you don't have to be a 6 foot tall runway model or pro athlete to dress in a way that turns heads for all the right reasons.


Adam Gallagher: He's the proud owner of one of the most iconic accounts to follow on Instagram. The biggest lesson learned from Adam is that style has the ability to open many doors for you. As a world-renowned blogger he's been hired by companies like Audi, Suit Supply, and Skagen for collaborations.


Last Thoughts:

Each of the men listed here has something unique to offer, and for that reason they're all worth checking out.

Draw inspiration from them and find new ways to incorporate their approaches into your style.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.


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