11 Spring and Summer Style Mistakes To Avoid

Spring is in the air, new trends are popping up everywhere, and today I'm going to make you aware… (like that rhyme?)

Aware of what you need to avoid to make this your best-dressed spring/summer yet!

Transitioning from a winter wardrobe to a warm weather one can be tricky.

Considering Calgary's unpredictable climate, you never know when to put heavier jackets and sweaters into hibernation.

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11 Spring Summer Mistakes to Avoid...

1) Heavy-duty boots

I get it, they look badass and super masculine but there’s no way you want to rock a pair of these on a +30 day. A great alternative would be desert boots.


2) Ditching black all together

this would be worth doing when you hit the Stampede and can see the heat waves in the air. Otherwise you should be ok. Just opt for lighter weight materials that are breathable.

3) Sandals

I hate to break it to you guys but nobody wants to see our feet. Save the open-toe shoes for the ladies. A great alternative would be boat-shoes like Swims.

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4) Forgetting about layering

Coming back to the unpredictable weather in this city, you could leave in the morning when it’s cool. By the afternoon it’s over +20 and at night it’s cold again. Proper layering ensures that you can adapt to all conditions.

5) Taking the casual look too far

A key point that stood out with a previous client of mine relates to this point. Dressing casually during your time off is fine but there’s a thin line of going TOO casual. The chances of running into a client or co-worker are high in Calgary and the last thing we want to do is give them the wrong impression.

6) Leaving an umbrella at home

Have a small one that’s easy to throw in your work or gym bag. You could also keep it at your office or in the car. Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? At the very least keep it around to be a gentleman for a pretty girl ;)

7) Forgetting sunglasses

At nearly 2,400 hours of bright sunshine a year Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada. Even on overcast days there’s a risk of damaging our eyes from the UV rays. Eventually a layer of fat builds up to protect our eyes if they’re consistently exposed causing them to turn yellow.

8) Ignoring the dry heat

If your mom yelled at you when you were a kid before going out to play you already know this one. Not covering our skin properly with sunscreen or moisturizer causes it to age faster and increases the chances of skin related diseases.

9) Shorts that are TOO short

We get it — you haven't skipped leg day all year! But please leave something to the imagination. There’s a way to highlight the hours you’ve invested in the gym without having to try too hard. 1/2 an inch to an inch above the knee should do the trick.

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10) Overlooking headwear

Depending on the occasion baseball caps could be too casual. Wide brim fedoras on the other hand show that you’re not afraid to take risks or draw attention. There’s no need to go as extreme as Pharrell's hat but feel confident enough to explore alternatives.

11) Sticking with heavy-weight pants

Different materials are meant for different seasons. You’d never wear a flannel shirt in the summer since it’s meant to keep you warm. The same applies for pants. Try a pair of chinos instead of heavy-weight jeans for a cool yet comfortable option.


Last Thoughts:

Since we've only just begun spring, it's still early enough to avoid making these mistakes.

A few of them may seem obvious but were at least worth mentioning. Give a few of these tips a try in the upcoming weeks and let me know how it works out for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it for you. If you’d like me to personally help you get results, for free, we need to talk…

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