15 Timeless Spring Essentials Every Man Needs

Cold beers, beautiful girls, and warm weather. What's not to love about spring?

It’s no secret that it's in the air here in Calgary -- let's just hope I didn't speak too soon. 

You’re likely already thinking of spending hot afternoons on a patio after work or on the weekends.

To help you confidently step into any warm weather scenario with style, I've compiled the following list...

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Here they are in no particular order….

  1. White Sneakers 
    • In my opinion this is a year-round staple for anyone bold enough to wear them in the winter.
    • They match easily with pretty much anything since they're a neutral colour.
  2. Lighter wash jeans 
    • An essential since the warmer weather and dark denim don't always go hand-in-hand.
    • They're an alternative that's versatile and practical too.
  3. Medium weight sweater (cardigan, crewneck, etc.)
    • With Calgary's weather being as unpredictable as the Flames chances of making the playoffs.
    • This must-have item will come in handy when leaving the house on a warm morning that turns into a snowstorm in the afternoon.
  4. A medium weight navy suit 
    • Though you may not wear a suit on a regular basis, you won't regret adding this to your collection.
    • This will come in handy for spring weddings, business conferences, or other formal events.
  5. Aviators or Wayfarer Sunglasses
    • This one's fairly straightforward. More sun = more protection. These two options can be easily dressed up or dressed down.
    • They've been a staple in every well-dressed man's wardrobes for years.Mens Style Calgary
  6. Bomber Jacket
    • Bombers may not seem like an obvious choice to pair with your office or formalwear but it can look just as great as a blazer.
    • Just make sure it's well fitted and in a neutral colour.
  7. Henleys (both long and short sleeve)
    • Add these to your rotation and your casual style game will step up in an instant!
    • These will effortlessly work with a pair of jeans and for whatever reason WOMEN SEEM TO LOVE THEM.
  8. White or Blue Oxford Shirts
    • Here's a year-round staple for every guy. They're breathable, simple, and most importantly comfortable.
    • It's an easy way to add some texture to your look without being too loud.
  9. Leather Jacket
    • Arguably the most rugged, masculine item on this list.
    • Easily worn with white dress-shirt and black tie or dress it down with a plain white t-shirt.
  10. Polo shirts
    • This one's on the list thanks to my cousin Andy. The best piece of style advice he ever gave me was that polo shirts are suitable for nearly any situation.
    • If you book a last minute meeting on a casual Friday wearing one of these you'll rarely feel under-dressed.
  11. Boat Shoes
    • A timeless item that seems to be a must-have year after year when the warm weather comes around.
    • Much like a polo, these are comfy and suitable for nearly any occasion plus they come in every colour but keep it neutral.
  12. Denim Jacket
    • To put a well-dressed outfit together with this one may be a little tricky but not impossible.
    • Avoid pairing it with jeans that are the same colour. Wear these with a henley t-shirt, khakis (or black chinos), and white sneakers.
  13. Chambray shirt
    • This soft, lightweight, and breathable option is guaranteed to keep you comfy at all times.
    • Though heavier denim version exist, stick to a light or medium option and layer with a t-shirt on cooler days.
  14. Rain Jacket
    • I can hear you now, "Jeevs, it hardly rains in Calgary except in June." You may be right but when it does make sure you're well covered (literally and stylishly).
  15. Gingham Shirts
    • Unlike the other shirts mentioned, this one's a pattern. One that seems to around year after year and should already be in your rotation if it isn't already.

Stutterheim rain coat from Modern Menswear

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