Don’t Ask Her Out Until You Make These 5 Tweaks To Your Style

One shot. It's all we normally get.

So we better make it count, otherwise it's another missed opportunity.

Everything from the way your breath smells to the condition of your hands can all be seen as deal-breakers when it comes to dating.


I was a notorious nail biter back in the day (gross, right?) and my grooming was just good enough to be socially acceptable.

After seeing a famous musician say in an interview that women pay close attention to our hands, I nearly immediately quit that nasty habit.

Gradually my grooming routine improved. The difference it made to my dating life was too obvious to ignore.

Imagine yourself walking into a room, minding your own business, and being checked out by several women within a few minutes.

It's a great feeling!

Keep reading if that's what you're looking to achieve.

Just remember that you're being sized up the moment you walk into ANY room.

When you've already won people over with your first impression they're more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt.

The best part is that the conversation doesn't have to go the way you pictured it.

Your chances of succeeding are greater when your image communicates to others that you're a man worth getting to know.

So you want to start by...


Keeping it simple

No need to complicate it.

First of all, that'll make you feel uncomfortable and she'll notice when you're fidgeting with your outfit.

Don't forget that women are MUCH more intuitive than men and can sense when something's off.

Secondly, there's a lot to be said about keeping an outfit simple.

You can easily make a strong statement without being to flashy. Think of it as understated elegance.

The idea that you can get your message across without drawing too much attention is a sign of confidence.

This shows that you're not looking for attention which is often seen as more attractive.


Admire Your Attire

Take care of your wardrobe!

Stepping out in public with a wrinkled and stained shirt sends the message that you're a messy guy who has trouble keeping it together.

One of the first thoughts that will cross a woman's mind is, "If his shirt is this messy, how bad is his apartment?"

Not exactly the message you'd want to send.

So instead of taking that risk, spend a few extra minutes to iron or steam your clothes.

You'll thank yourself later.

That's only part of the equation.

How you store your wardrobe can actually affect how long it will last and what sort of condition it stays in over its lifetime.

You can get away with stuffing socks, boxers, jeans, and casual t-shirts into a drawer.

For more delicate items like knit sweaters, suits, and button-up shirts, make sure to hang them on wooden hangers.

These are ideal since they're built to last long. They also won't alter the shape of the shoulders on your shirts.

Keep in mind that they're an investment since the cost of wooden hangers is typically higher than the everyday plastic ones.

It's well worth it.


Grooming Audit

From top to bottom.

Making sure that no stone is left unturned.

Every gentleman thoroughly inspects himself before making his move.

Attention to detail will be your new best friend.

Can you think of anything worse that when a minor detail can ruin a woman's impression of you?

Of course women are willing to accept the idea that men aren't willing to spend a ton of time polishing their appearance. They do have a breaking point though.

Be careful with overdoing the cologne (read this article to learn more) and ALWAYS make sure your nails are trimmed and clean.

Women don't want to hold hands with a man who looks like he didn't wash them during his last bathroom trip.

Dress One Step Above The Dress-Code

Baggy pants...

Unless you're a rapper from the 90's, this won't fly.

There's no need to adopt skinny jeans, just make sure they fit properly.

An added bonus is that a proper fit can also make you look leaner, even if you haven't hit the gym in months!

Women also like a man who takes charge.

One of the easiest ways of doing so is to stand out from the crowd.

You can achieve this by being slightly overdressed no matter what situation you're in.

Of course this will take some fine tuning to get right (especially since you'll have to adjust depending on the environments you're in).

Once you do get it right you'll create the impression that you're confident enough to draw the right kind of attention to yourself.

It also shows that you have a strong understanding of yourself when your style is a genuine reflection of your personality.

Update Your Footwear

A wise man once said, "The shoes make the man."

This is likely because what you wear is a fairly accurate reflection of your lifestyle.

Simple black dress shoes says, "I work a 9 to 5 in a corporate environment."

A pair of Chelsea boots say, "I'm up to date with trends and have a creative personality."

Whatever message you intend to send, choose wisely.

Now there's no need to drop your paycheque on a pair of Common Projects sneakers (as nice as they are).

Just make sure that whatever shoes you wear on a regular basis are well maintained.

They should also be high quality so you can get at least a year's worth of wear out of them.

Just remember that this is one of the first things women look at when they meet a man.

It's also how they size you up and whether or not they'll say 'yes' when you ask them out.

Last Thoughts:

After reading this you're now well-equipped to see success in your dating life.

Seriously consider adding these habits to your routine if you haven't already.

You may even have your own take on it, which is great!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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