5 Go-To Looks You Can Wear During The Holiday Season

This is it! We're officially in the thick of holiday season.

In case you've been too busy with work or haven't noticed the temperature drop ;)

This means that friends and family you haven't seen for a while will be flying in from out of town. Maybe you'll be going back home to see them too.

Either way, there's a part of you that wants to dress to impress.

Rightfully so.


This is the time of year to step your style game up and take risks that you couldn't normally get away with during the rest of the year.

Over the years I've noticed that over the next few weeks people are typically in a better mood (unless you're dealing with mall crowds). They seem to appreciate it when you step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to style.

I've even gone as far as wearing a red and white striped shirt underneath a green puffer vest on Christmas Day (I wouldn't recommend taking this approach).

To help guide you over the next few weeks, check out the following list...

Here's 5 Go-to looks you can rely on between now and January 1st.


Turtlenecks and suits:

We're seeing these outfits all over magazines like GQ.

It's a really easy one to pull off, it's comfortable & practical while low maintenance.

Get yourself a turtleneck in either black, grey, or camel. Each of these will easily pair well with grey and navy suits or blazers and you can save them for your business casual winter wardrobe too!

Save this look for New Year's or any other formal event you have coming up.



Not An Ugly Sweater:

A huge trend over the last few Christmas' has been the ugly sweater party.

If you don't already have one and are looking to add it to your collection I suggest getting a sweater that isn't actually ugly.

One that's still festive yet appropriate for the rest of winter will be your best bet.

Wouldn't you rather spend your money on something that can be worn more than once a year?




Blazer with a bow tie:

Easily my favourite dressed-up look.

Bow-ties scream "classy and creative."

This look will come in handy for New Year's Eve or any other formal or black-tie event you may have coming up.

Your approach will be really simple too. At this point you likely have your upcoming parties planned out.

Instead of wearing a standard tie simply swap it for a bow-tie.



Mens Style Calgary


Urban Outdoorsmen:

I'm literally wearing this look right now while typing.

It's all about layers, focusing on heavier weight materials like thicker cottons and flannel, and blending rugged outdoorsy pieces with business casual items like button-up shirts or knit sweaters.

With this approach you'll look great but also stay warm too since most items in these outfits are built for colder temperatures.

This look is ideal for laid-back house parties, grabbing a drink with old friends, or even when you're running around.

Red Wing Boots



Here's a look you can rely on year-long!

Not only is it comfy but it's also practical.

Be careful with investing too much into this part of your wardrobe since it's arguably too trendy.

This means that the appeal of this look could come to an end. Don't worry, that likely won't be anytime soon.

The athleisure look is great for when you're running around, hitting the gym or even being lazy around the house.



Last Thoughts:

After reading this you should be well covered for the rest of the year.

You now have ideas for what to wear to house parties, New Year's Eve, black-tie events, and even when you're running around.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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