5 Style Mistakes Guys Make On First Dates

This is the night you've been waiting for all week long! You’ve been texting back and forth for a while now and it’s lead to your date tonight.

The chemistry between the two of you is undeniable and she has yet to raise any red flags.

Is she the one?

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Before you make that decision you need to go on a few dates. This means that you need to win her over on the first date to even consider a second one.

For your texting chemistry to translate seamlessly into a face-to-face conversation you need to look the part.

If she's been creeping on you through social media, she’s likely painted an awesome picture of you in her head.

Let’s not kid ourselves, everyone chooses their BEST pictures for their online dating or social media profile.

Give yourself a fighting chance by reading this list of common style mistakes men make.

Doing so will ensure that you make a great impression on your next first date.



This can go wrong in one of two ways.

You can come across as trying too hard and making her her feel upstaged. This happens since her outfit isn’t on the same level as your dress-code.

Your solution is to download this style guide which outlines everything you need to build the perfect wardrobe.



In this case it looks like you don’t care enough about the date to step your game up.

The other possibility is that you don’t take yourself serious enough to dress the part.

Either way, you can do better.


Overlooking Important Grooming Details

"Manscaping", maintaining your beard, trimming your nails, etc.

These are all details that women are mindful of when going out with a guy for the first time.

So if your hair is out of control or if your nails are dirty don’t be surprised if a second date doesn’t come up.


Too Much Cologne

The goal with cologne is to keep it subtle.

Choose a signature scent that suits your personality and make sure not overdo.

She should be able to smell it when she comes in for a hug but not from across the room when you first walk in.


Not Taking Care Of Their Shoes

This is the first thing women look at when you meet.

After checking out your face their eyes are immediately drawn to your footwear.

Your shoes say a lot about your personality which can be immediately picked up within seconds.


Last Thoughts

Of course dress-code expectations will vary depending on the location.

Just keep in mind if what you’re wearing is:

  • going to be appropriate
  • if you’re going to feel comfortable in it
  • and if it makes you feel confident while genuinely reflects your personality

To cover your ass and make sure you’re well-dressed for any kind of date download this FREE style guide.

It outlines the 16 Essential Items Every Man Needs To Build The Perfect Wardrobe.