6 Lessons You Need To Learn In Your 20's To Discover Your Personal Style

Letting go isn't always easy to do. Holding on for sentimental value is one thing but if it's in your regular rotation of looks, we need to talk.


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In order to define who we are today we must first explore a few phases -- the awkward teen years, the rebellious frat boy days, or the young professional who wants to be taken seriously stage.

As a result there's likely a few lessons you picked up along the way -- assuming you've successfully navigated each phase.

Let's see if any of these ring a bell:

Quality is always better than quantity - when attempting to save money in the short term, quality is sacrificed in the long term. This means that once this piece is worn out there's a good chance that it'll need to be replaced, resulting in spending more for the same item.

You could avoid this by investing more up front to better your chances of this item lasting longer.


Save the logos for billboards - are you Kobe Bryant? Then why is a massive Nike logo plastered all over your chest? Unless they're cutting you a cheque for wearing their gear it's best to minimize the amount of branding on our wardrobe.

Being covered in one brand after another gives the impression of trying too hard. Something subtle like a logo on a hat or on sneakers isn't worth stressing about but if you look like a sponsored athlete it's time to reevaluate.


If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too? - think about how many times did our moms ask us this when we were growing up. In this case if your friends were to adopt a trend would you do the same? We've been guilty of it at one point or another.

Recently I jumped on the ripped jeans bandwagon. For a number of months it seemed like the coolest thing ever but it didn't exactly scream "serious young professional."

It was a no-brainer, they had to be retired.


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There's a such thing as too casual - we get it, you're a laid-back guy who doesn't care about what other people think. Consider this, a wise man once said, "Dressing well is a form of good manners."

So how we present ourselves is a reflection of the level of respect we have for those who associate with us -- wives, girlfriends, parents, friends, and co-workers.


It's alright to let our facial go wild (within reason) - a well maintained beard is about as common today as it was in the 70's and 80's. If it's good enough for Richard Branson you can't go wrong. But before you commit keep this in mind -- "The more beards there are, the less attractive they become - giving clean-shaven men a competitive advantage," say scientists in Sydney, Australia.

They say this because being clean-shaven has become a less common trait these days.


Some things are worth leaving on campus - loud sneakers, suggestive t-shirts, Jack Daniels trucker hats (enough said), baggy jeans, jerseys, the list goes on and on. If you see the guys wearing it in American Pie movie it's worth ditching. Donate it to a thrift shop and let the next generation of college kids get some use out of it.

Last Thoughts: 

Don't worry if it feels like you haven't quite discovered these lessons on your own yet.

It's never too late to tweak your approach and change course today.

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