A Little Mistake That Costs Men $870 A Year

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever bought an item only to have it sitting in your closet a few weeks later with the tags still attached?

It feels like you're throwing away money doesn't it?

If that's you, keep reading.



Last year Tyson hired me to help improve his image.

As an account manager for a marketing agency it was important for him to look professional and be taken seriously by when meeting clients.

What you don't see is several bags of clothing we donated to charity.

He no longer wore them for a variety of reasons. This is actually a common theme for many men.

According to Esquire Magazine, the average man spends about $1,000 per year on shopping.

But they only wear 13% of that which means that they're throwing $870 worth of clothes.

What would you do with all that money?

You could buy a flight for two to Vegas, cover your car repairs, buy a new laptop, pay down debt, or you could hire me as an image consultant ;)

Would You Like To Have That Money Back? Here's My 4 Tips To Help You Make That Possible...
Get Inspiration From Social Media:

The idea here is to define an end-goal of the image you want to create for yourself.

Once you know what look you're going for it's much easier to decide what pieces you need to create that.

When doing this keep in mind who has similar features to you. Look for guys with a similar build, hair, skin tone, etc.

Some of the best accounts you might want to check out are @MenWithClass, @Mr.DanielOcean, and @AleksMusika


Take Inventory Of What You Already Have:

Now that you have an idea of your end goal you can eliminate any unnecessary clutter that doesn't fit it.

This means auditing your wardrobe -- keep what fits your vision and donate the pieces that don't.

Now when you get dressed in the mornings there's no more guessing. Your looks either suit your vision or they don't.


Write A Shopping List:

Here's where the fun really begins!

During this step you get to pick and choose all the pieces that are missing from your wardrobe to complete your look.

Refer to this Free Style Guide to find out what the 16 essential pieces are that every man needs.

Maybe you're missing a navy blazer or dark denim.  This is your opportunity to add these items which will ultimately serve as foundational pieces to build your look around.


Create 5 Go-To Outfits:

By this point you should have all the pieces you need to create your desired look.

This is when I show the men I work with how to put together looks that complement their lifestyles.

Maybe you need one for everyday of the week at work. A couple casual looks for the weekend. And always have one or two go-to date looks that you can always rely on.

You'll never have to guess what to wear ever again. This is especially handy if you're like most guys who have busy schedules.


Last Thoughts:

It all boils down to taking action with a game-plan. Establish your end goal and decide what steps you need to take to get there.

You wouldn't hit the gym without planning your workouts would you? If you're really looking to speed up your results you'd hire a personal trainer.

The same idea applies to dressing well. Do your homework, create a plan, and execute.

Hopefully  you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

While you're here, you should check out the free style guide below...



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