The Secret To Looking Good (Effortlessly) With Style Expert Barron Cuadro

Over the last couple of years I've been lucky enough to connect with some of the leaders in the men's style industry. Men who are on a similar mission...

That's to help others who are struggling with their style and want to dress well.

Enter Barron Cuadro - the founder of Effortless Gent. He also helps men look and feel their best.

He's based out of New York (so you know he's cool).

And more recently he was kind enough to answer a few questions that readers have been bringing up.


So how does a well-dressed guy like Barron approach style?

"I've been into clothing and personal style since I was a kid.

"When I was younger, I was more adventurous and experimental with current trends, but over the past few years, I slowly honed in on a standard uniform I wear most days.

"While I have alternatives for each piece in the outfit, I more or less wear the same thing every day."

For some men that may not sound appealing.

Actually, it's a very smart approach to style.

Think about all of the micro-decisions you have to make throughout the day.

"Should I hit the snooze button?"

"Do I have time to stop at Starbucks before work?" 

"What's the weather going to be like?"

By the end of the day you literally have thousands of these thoughts.

As you may already know, that can be exhausting.

Barron's approach to style frees up valuable brainpower that'll come in handy later on in the day.

Once men come to terms with the idea of sticking to a signature look, the next hurdle is usually stepping out of their comfort zone and bringing it all together.

Thankfully Barron has some advice that you'll find helpful.

So what is the best way to step out of your comfort zone with your sense of style?

"If you're not comfortable trying new looks, or you simply don't know where to start or what looks good on you, I suggest updating your look one piece at a time. It's all about small steps.

"Trying a whole new look all at once can feel awkward, like you're not being yourself. Plus, there are too many variables to consider... from fit, to colours, to overall cohesiveness among pieces."

Barron goes on to say that it's all about taking small steps.

This ultimately makes your transition easier and the chances of being overwhelmed are greatly reduced.

For example, "If you're a jeans and tee guy, and you want to learn how to layer up stylishly, you can start by adding one piece that's just a step or two outside your comfort zone, i.e. a chunky shawl cardigan instead of a hoodie.

"Or you can swap one thing out and replace it with a more uncommon (to you) piece, like chinos instead of your jeans.

"This allows you to get used to one new item at a time, and soon enough, it becomes a part of your wardrobe instead of being this foreign garment that you have no idea how to wear."

Seems easy enough, doesn't it?

That's because it is!

Stepping out of your comfort zone with your sense of style is just the beginning.

Once you've finally decided to take that leap, is there any mistakes you should avoid making?

Here's what Barron had to say...

"Personally, I don't like overly-tight and ill-fitting formalwear, or trilbies and stingy brim fedoras. Those were the first two things that came to mind.

"If a guy is trying something new and he finds a look he likes, who am I to say his choices aren't 'right'?

"But if he's looking to improve and asks me for guidance on things like proportion and fit, of course, I'd love to help."

He touches on a few key points here.

Paying close attention to the fit of your clothing being the most important of all.

You could spend $2,000 on a suit that fits poorly and look much worse than you would in a $300 suit that's tailored to your body.

At the end of the day we all have our own budgets and it doesn't really matter how much you spend on your wardrobe.

Barron goes on to say, "I'm just happy more guys are conscious about their style and appearance, its importance, and its effects on how they're perceived.

"Once they're hooked on the process, find a love for clothing, and are interested in learning the little details, I hope they read Effortless Gent."

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