Did You Know Dressing Well Has These 10 Hidden Benefits?

Ever feel invisible? So have I and it's a horrible feeling.

It wasn't until I discovered how to dress well that things turned around for me.


Now there are days that I feel invincible!

Ok, so not literally but the way it dressing well makes me feel seems like anything can be achieved.

Let me elaborate.

Back in the day when a friend or classmate was telling a story that I was involved in, it was very common for my name to be left out. Even if I played a role in how the story came together.

It wasn't intentional but my presence was so easy to overlook in those days that forgetting about me didn't seem like a big deal.

This may not seem like much but when it happens constantly it can be a big blow to your confidence.

Thoughts like, "do they even care about me?" or "maybe I'm not that important" would race through my mind.

Something had to give.

I decided that to bring my confidence back up I would start dressing better. This was based on the idea that when you look good, you feel good.

Looking back now it makes perfect sense.

In case you're not convinced I've outlined the top 10 benefits of dressing well in the following list.

1) Builds Up Your Confidence: even if you're having an off day dressing well can be a major morale boost. You'll get more compliments, be constantly checked out by cute girls, and it can ultimately improve the way you feel about yourself.

2) Automatically Earns You Respect: dressing well is your invisible foot in the door. It immediately gains you respect from other people since they see you as a man who cares enough about himself to put in the extra effort to look great.

3) You Get Noticed More Frequently: these days taking the casual approach is so common. This means that standing out from the crowd has never been easier. By dressing one notch above the dress-code you are guaranteed to draw the right kind of attention to yourself.

4) It's A Conversation Starter: It's the easiest way to strike up a conversation without having to open your mouth. Dressing well makes you appear more approachable which will ultimately add more contacts to your network and improve your dating life. Sound alright?

5) It's A Form Of Personal Branding: when you dress well consistently people will recognize you as the 'X' guy. In my case it was bow-ties. You could be the rebellious creative guy who always wears leather, the clean-cut suit wearing professional, etc. How you want to be perceived is entirely up to you.

6) Makes You More Memorable: the #1 reason why I dove head-first into learning about style had to do with growing tired of being forgotten about. This was the result of dressing like everyone due to the fear of standing out from of the crowd and being viewed as an outsider.

7) Raises Your Standards: when you start dressing well you set the bar higher for yourself. You'll find that this spills into other parts of your life like the people you surround yourself with, the women you date, and your overall well-being.

8)People Treat You More Like A Leader: a recent study found that strangers were 3 times more likely to jaywalk with a man wearing a suit as opposed to when the same man wore a t-shirt. This means that they associated the man in the suit with being an authority figure and trusted his judgement more than when he wore the t-shirt.

9) Increases Your Productivity: dressing well can actually affect your psychology. Have you ever tried to work at home while wearing your sweats? You likely didn't get nearly as much done as you'd like. If you have the freedom to wear whatever you like to the office, pay attention to how you feel when dressed-down vs. dressed-up. You'll likely notice a major difference in the way you carry yourself.

10) It Saves You A Ton Of Time: once you master the art of dressing well you'll naturally know what to wear. This means that you're not scrambling to figure it out in the morning since you've either planned your look ahead of time or can put it together without thinking about it.

Last Thoughts:

Dressing well becomes an extension of your lifestyle once you get the hang of it.

At first it may feel like you're overdoing it but don't give up because once you get past the initial growing pains you're going to enjoy the positive attention you get.

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