An Odd Daily Habit Of Billionaires That's Rarely Discussed

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have done it. It must be worth exploring if it's good enough for them. Right?

If you're a guy who's always on the go and doesn't want to waste precious time, this is ideal for you!



I actually adopted this habit for myself recently.

It's saved me a ton of time everyday and has freed up my mind to focus on bigger picture decisions.

The daily habit of billionaires is simply sticking to a signature look.

Steve Jobs would always wear the same jeans, a black turtleneck, and New Balance sneakers.

For years!

Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and even Barrack Obama have the same habit.

It was only a few months ago that I took on this habit.

It was time for a change after years of wearing a variety of colours, adopting the latest trends, and wasting valuable energy every morning.

Before, the biggest challenge was wasting time figuring out what pieces paired well with others.

Having a variety of colours and patterns made this even more difficult.

Today you'll find me in one of three pairs of pants, a few blazers, a variety of button-up shirts, and generally one of the same 2 pairs of shoes.

You're probably wondering why.

The answer is simple...


To Avoid Decision Fatigue

It can be exhausting dealing with the multiple demands on your time and energy related to work, family, and personal life.

Research has shown that our ability to make decisions throughout the day decreases as we make one after another.

A great way to avoid decision fatigue is to plan out your outfits for the week ahead of time.

Knowing what your schedule looks like will make this much easier.

Typically you need 5 looks for work (Mon to Fri), a couple looks for the evenings and weekends, and something for special occasions like dates or upcoming events.

The Cure Is To Adopt "Uniform"(or signature look)

When creating your signature look you want to consider the practicality of your outfits.

Here's a few questions I ask the men I've worked with in the past:

"Will this be appropriate for work?"

"Will you be comfortable in this throughout the day?"

"Would you say this is an accurate reflection of your personality?"

Keep these three questions in mind when creating your looks throughout the week.

This will guarantee that you'll feel good about what you're wearing while eliminating any guesswork and further decision making.

Now that we have this established you could be thinking...


Won't This Make Me Boring And Predictable?

Quite the opposite actually!

Consider this a form of personal branding.

This means that the more you understand what style works well for you, the deeper you can dive into it.

It's your chance to experiment with different approaches to men's style.

After doing this you'll know what suits not just your body shape, but also your skin colour, hair colour, and lifestyle.

The possibilities with menswear are endless and you'll find new ways to show your personality without looking like you're trying too hard.

Hopefully  you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

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