10 Body Language Mistakes That Sabotage Your First Impressions

You may not even realize it. The thing about body language is that, more often than not, it's triggered by subconscious cues in our mind.

You may be acting in ways that are sabotaging your first impression without even realizing it.


I discovered the body language mistakes I was making after doing more research about self-confidence over the last few years.

I began modelling my body language based on how confident men in authoritative/influential positions act.

What I noticed is that many of them act in similar ways and it's likely because they've figured out what body language mistakes to avoid.

To save you the trouble of having to dig around for what they are, here's a list of the top 10 mistakes that sabotage your first impression:


Slouching/Hunched Over Posture

Some cultures consider this a sign of disrespect.

Often it signals that you're bored and rather than saying out loud, "I have no interest in what you're talking about," your body language says it all.

Our brains are designed to associate the amount of physical space we take up with the amount of power a person has.


Lack Of Eye Contact

One of the most common mistakes.

It signals a lack of confidence. If you're trying to convince someone of buying into your way of thinking, making this mistake will surely prevent that from happening.

This is often interpreted as you have something to hide or that you're not being honest.


Too Much Eye Contact

When you're basically staring at another person.

Not only is this creepy but it can also be seen as an attempt to dominate the other person. Either way, it's too aggressive.

While engaged in a conversation it's perfectly fine to hold eye contact longer than usual. That's actually a sign of confidence.

But when you're staring at someone across the room, especially if you don't know them, it's going to come across as creepy.


Crossing Your Arms

This means that you're either cold or closing yourself off to any further interactions.

Either way, it's a physical barrier that indicates you're not open to what the other person is saying.

Even if your facial expression is friendly, avoid crossing your arms since it will only signal that your mind is closed off to what the other person has to say.


Hands In Your Pockets

What are you hiding?

At least that's how other people will interpret this.

It's easy to fall into this habit, especially when you're in a crowded room that doesn't offer much in terms of seating. We subconsciously do this when we're feeling nervous.

Yes it may feel comfortable to do but it's a major body language mistake worth avoiding since it also encourages slouching.



Feeling anxious, self-conscious, or having trouble staying focused?

That's usually what's going on in your mind when you fidget.

This is often interpreted as a sign of weakness or that you care TOO much about what other people think of you.


Your Body Is Turned Away

Here's another one that indicates you're not interested.

It's almost as bad as checking your phone throughout the conversation or glancing back and forth at the clock.

Unless you genuinely don't trust the person or if the conversation is actually making you uncomfortable, try avoiding this body language mistake. Though it is a good way to escape an awkward interaction.


Soft Handshakes

The ultimate deal-breaker!

Have you ever shook hands with somebody who gave you a soft grip? It'll turn you off right away.

A soft handshake tells the other person that you don't believe in yourself. It's a clear sign of low confidence and that you have no authority.


Take Pride In Your Stride

This may be the most overlooked mistake on the list.

A man's walk says a lot about him. It reveals what's going on with his inner dialogue.

Is he confident? Is he worried about what other people think? Etc.

All of this, and more, is revealed in the way a man carries himself.

Take a look at how Denzel walks in American Gangster. He's clearly very confident and won't take shit from anybody.


Touching Your Face

Most people think that it makes you look intelligent or deep in thought.

That's a myth.

Body language experts claim that this is a sign that you're uncomfortable. That's because there's nerve endings in your face so people will touch their face to comfort themselves.

Plus it can promote acne breakouts especially if your hands are dirty. This will cause your pores to clog, creating a pimple.


Last Thoughts:

Remember that your body language ALWAYS reflects what's going on in your mind.

Whether you realize it or not, your gestures are communicating your thoughts. Most of this happens in your subconscious.

Even if you're in a situation when you're not feeling confident, you can change your body language to show the opposite.

That way more people are likely to be convinced that you know what you're talking about.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.


Remember that it only takes 7 seconds for someone to decide if they like you or not…

What do you think your style says about you?

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