How To Look Cool While Staying Warm: 5 Fall Fashion Tips You Can Always Rely On

Fashion over function... That was the approach I took to style back in the day.

I've come to learn that it doesn't have to be one or the other.

How you approach style during the extreme months like summer and winter is clear.

But what about the in-between seasons like fall?

Of course dressing well is a priority for you but being comfortable throughout the day is just as important.

I'll let you in on a secret...

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You can actually look good without having to sacrifice the practicality of your outfit.

Let me ask, have you ever dressed yourself in the morning without checking the weather forecast?

Usually what happens the moment you step out the door is that it ends up being much colder than you expected.

By then it's usually too late to go back in and change.

You're committed at this point, otherwise you'd be late for work.

This leads to being uncomfortably warm or cold throughout the day.

Either way it's distracting.

To save you from making that same mistake in the coming months, check out the following tips


If there's one change you make to your style this fall, here it is!

When it comes to the unpredictable weather that's often associated with fall, this will be your best friend.

The great thing about layering is that it serves both a practical and stylish purpose.

This means that you'll look cool while staying warm.

You can achieve this by focusing on wearing a few thin layers which is better than one thick and heavy layer.

Adjust your outfit as the climate changes. This means you can strip away or add layers as needed.

Fall Essentials

No matter what's trending, there's always a few classic pieces that you can always rely on.

Invest wisely in these and you'll know exactly what to break out of your closet as soon as the leaves change colours.

A common theme you'll notice among them is that they're made from heavier weight materials than their spring and summer counterparts.

It'd be wise to keep two to three flannel button-up shirts, a denim jacket, and even a tweed blazer handy.

Doing so will make for a seamless transition from your summer clothes to your fall ones.

Experiment With Your Footwear

Unfortunately lightweight sneakers and boat shoes won't cut it anymore.

Don't lose hope yet!

With more demand for stylish options when it comes to menswear, there's plenty for us to choose from when it comes to practical shoes that look great too.

One of my favourite choices is easily a solid pair of suede Chelsea boots.

Get yourself a pair in either tan or brown.

You'll find that these two colours are more versatile than black.

Let Your Facial Hair Flow Freely (to an extent)

Assuming that growing any isn't an issue...

You may want to advantage of this time of year since it's a great chance to experiment with growing out your facial hair.

In all honesty, you'll likely want to stay away from the Game of Thrones inspired beard trends we've been seeing.

It's had a strong run over the last few years but it seems to be on its way out.

What we're seeing more of lately is more along the lines of 5 o'clock shadows.

So feel free to add a few more days between shaves.

Take Advantage Of The Change In Seasons To Re-Invent Your Look

Have you been thinking about stepping up your style for a while?

There's no better time of year than now!

Transitioning from summer to fall is a great excuse to "re-brand" yourself.

The best part is that nobody will even notice.

I mention that because this is one of the main reasons why men hold back from changing their style.

It boils down to worrying about what their friends might think of them when they do.

Not only does it make sense from the fashion side of things but it's practical too.

That's because layering and heavier materials are intended to keep us warm in harsher climates.

Last Thoughts:

So there you have it!

Now you know exactly how to look cool while staying warm.

The change in seasons triggers a change in our moods and allows us to explore a new approach to style.

Hopefully you enjoyed today’s article.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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