Turn More Heads: 7 Simple Grooming Hacks You Can Apply Today

Short and sweet... That's how a gentleman's grooming routine should be.

This means getting straight to the point and getting the job done.

If you're like me and consider your time valuable, the last thing you want to do is spend countless hours fine tuning your look.

Thankfully there's a way around that!



The importance of proper grooming can't be stressed enough.

Not only is it a good hygiene practice but it also says a lot about how a man views himself.

A lack of grooming is usually a sign that a person doesn't care enough to invest time and energy being presentable.

On the other hand, going too far with grooming risks coming across as narcissistic.

The secret is to find a balance between the two and figure out what works for your specific situation.

To help you along the way, check out the following 7 Simple Grooming Hacks


1) Take A Page Out of George Clooney's Book - Moisturize Regularly

It's not exactly a Hollywood secret.

Something I've been doing for as long as I can remember.

Think about how good it feels when people guess you're 5 to 6 years younger than you actually are.

Moisturizing your skin (from head to toe) helps keep you looking young and maintain its elasticity.

This means that you'll age gracefully just like Clooney.

But there's no overnight solution since this needs to be a daily ritual.

Your best bet is to apply lotion/moisturizer right after you shower.

That's when your skin's the driest (especially if you take hot showers) and most receptive since your pores are open.

Since the skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body, consider adding a moisturizer specifically for your face.

My go-to for the last few years has been an oil-free moisturizer made by Neutrogena.

2) Get Yourself A Precision Beard Trimmer

It's one of my favourite grooming tools.

This razor is great for quick fixes like on your hands and shoulders or for trimming down a potential unibrow.

You'll find that it's great for getting rid of pesky hairs before you step out the door.

Since it's so compact you can also throw it in your toilet bag when you're travelling (handy for trips longer than a week).

Having this in your grooming cabinet will also come in handy for shaping your beard.

Even after a full-on trim you might find a few loose hairs that snuck through - that's when this razor comes in handy!

Don't let the small size fool you.

These trimmers are both powerful and durable (no need to worry if your hair is super thick).

3) Be Ok With Keeping  A 5 O'Clock Shadow

66% of women in a recent study prefer it.

Whether it be the appeal of some lumberjack fantasy or that it creates the appearance of bone structure, there's no doubt that a little stubble is appealing.

Though this might seem like a great excuse to cut back on the shaving, tread lightly.

Make sure to keep up proper maintenance with other areas of your face if you decide to let your facial hair go free.

This means keeping your nose, ear, and eyebrows in check.

There's also a fine line between looking like a gentleman and looking like a caveman.

Generally speaking, aim for keeping your beard length around 1cm.

Anything more and you risk looking sloppy unless you're willing to spend more time on maintenance.

4) Develop A Strict Face Washing Routine

This one may seem obvious.

We've been hit with one reminder after another since we were back in junior high.

It may not sound like the sexiest thing to add to your routine but you'll be happy to have adopted it.

Not only is it good hygiene but it's also a secret to helping you look younger, healthier, and more alert.

The average person touches their face 3.6 times per hour.

They also touch random objects 3.3 times per hour.

Think about how many germs and bacteria you're being exposed to by touching door handles, gym equipment, and even your laptop keyboard.

It's gross!

To save yourself from this buildup of bacteria make sure to exfoliate at least once every 2 days .

You'll also want to stock up on a gentle skin cleanser like Cetaphil to wash your face with once a day.

5) With The Booze You Lose

Contrary to popular belief, dad bods are not sexy.

Yes an Old Fashioned is delicious and a glass of Malbec with dinner is relaxing but the pros outweigh the cons.

First of all, the empty calories from drinking adds to your waistline.

The digestive system has to turn alcohol into fat before fully burning it off.

Alcohol has also been found to make you age more rapidly.

That's because it causes your skin to wither from dehydration. This leads to dark circles under your eyes because this area of skin is 10 times thinner the rest of your body.

This happens because of the buildup of toxins that enlarges the blood vessels underneath the skin.

6) Trim Your Body Hair Selectively

Unless you're trying to compete with Michael Phelps in the Olympics.

The same study mentioned earlier also found that 83% of women prefer their men to have some (well-maintained) body hair.

Of course this doesn't include taking care of your business "downstairs" (which should be well-groomed).

The common theme seems to be that women prefer a man who looks like one, not like a boy who has yet to hit puberty.

Maybe that's why Hugh Jackman was voted 2008's Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine.

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you won't have to spend hours each week manscaping.


7) Brushing Your Teeth Too Much?

I didn't think that was even possible!

If you want to keep your pearly whites sparkling, avoid brushing for more than 2 minutes twice a day.

Researchers have found that this can actually strip away the enamel.

You might also want be mindful of when you use mouthwash.

If you're doing it right after brushing can actually take away the fluoride in your toothpaste.

The main purpose of fluoride is to defend your teeth from decay.


Last Thoughts:

Hopefully you enjoyed today's article.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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