10 Must-Have Items Every Guy Needs This Holiday Season

It's that time of year. Invitations to parties, work events, or dinners will come pouring in.

As a result, the holidays are a chance for everyone to step their style game up.

Since it's the end of the year I believe everyone wants to wrap it up on a high-note and leave a great impression.

All it takes to dress well during the holidays is knowing what the essentials are and building around those.

Doing so will help you make a great impression with your boss, catch a cute girl's attention, or improve your confidence because you know you look great.

To help you figure it out I've put together the list below....

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Your Casual Options
  1. Puffer Vest
    • Not only is this option stylish, it's also very practical. It's an essential piece for winter and is great for outdoor activities like playing shinny hockey or sipping hot chocolate around a bonfire. Your best bet will be to invest in a slim fitting down-filled one in either black, navy, or grey.
  2. Flannel button-ups
    • These are great since they're so versatile. You can easily wear them when you're running around the mall for Christmas shopping or to any dinner parties you might have coming up. Go for a Buffalo plaid pattern in red & black or black & blue since either of these will easily pair with dark jeans.
  3. Comfy, well-fitted sweats
    • Every guy needs a good outfit for those lazy, lounging around drinking Bailey's and coffee days. This will come in handy when you're unwrapping presents, running errands, or in the gym.
  4. Turtleneck Sweater
    • Here's another versatile option that you can easily wear to any formal event. The best part is that turtlenecks are comfortable enough for casual days which can easily be worn on their own or under a blazer.
  5. Scarfs
    • This is a great layering option that's guaranteed to keep you warm too. Avoid just draping the scarf over your shoulders. Instead you want to tie it in a simple yet stylish knot (refer to the image below).

Here's a couple outfit ideas you can create using a few of the pieces mentioned in this list courtesy of Big Sean in GQ

Your Formal Options
  1. Knit Sweater
    • This one serves a similar purpose as the turtleneck. It's a better option for formal events like work parties or fancy dinners and is great when you want to dress up but still feel comfortable.
  2. Tweed or Velvet Blazer
    • These take confidence to pull off but when you do you'll stand out for the right reasons. Plus when else would you get a chance to wear a velvet jacket? If you're feeling more low-key go with the tweed option.
  3. Bow-Ties
    • If you're not going to tie one yourself don't even bother putting one on. I'm a huge fan of bow-ties and have started countless conversations at parties, events, and dinners because of them.
  4. Leather Gloves
    • Not the chunky kind dads normally wear. A slim-fitted, heavy duty pair that'll look equally great with a suit as they do with a casual sweater. A neutral coloured pair is your best option since they'll be easy to outfit.
  5. Chelsea Boots
    • These are the must-have pair of boots this year! They're a great cold weather option that can easily be dressed up or down. They're the definition of class and masculinity. Look for a neutral coloured, slim-fitting pair preferably in leather since they'll be easier to maintain. Suede's a great option too just be prepared to take extra care of them.


Chelsea boots with black denim, and a black turtleneck

Last Thoughts:

This list has been designed to work well with your existing wardrobe, assuming that you already have all the essentials in your wardrobe.

For the most part everything we just covered is easily interchangeable and will still be relevant long after the holidays.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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