Secrets of A Stylish Man: How To Build A Minimal Wardrobe

A friend of mine recently sent me this message…

“Hey Jeevs (that’s what my buddies call me), how do I build an easy to manage wardrobe while I change my style to a more polished look?”

Believe it or not, questions similar to this come up all the time. There’s a number of reasons why that is.

Before we dive into the answer let’s talk about what holds most men back from dressing well.

Has this ever happened to you?

how to build a minimal wardrobe

You alarm wakes you up, you hop into the shower, rush to get dry, and crack open your closet.

All of sudden you’re hit with an overwhelming amount of options. Shirts, sweaters, jeans, dress pants, and hangers are EVERYWHERE.

The clock is ticking.

There’s a pile of clothes accumulating on your bed and time is running out.

Get dressed NOW or risk being late for work — what do you do?!


You tell yourself “Forget it. I’ll wear my go-to outfit because I know it’s good enough.”

Deep down you know you’re selling yourself short. You honestly know that this is a worn-out look that you don’t feel great about wearing.

Doesn’t that beat being late for work and risking your job?

Of course!

Now you promise yourself that it’s time for a change, “this will NEVER happen again.”

What’s the first solution that comes to your mind?

“Buying More Clothes Will Solve This Problem…”

Thankfully this isn’t true. 

It’s not exactly a sustainable approach to building a wardrobe. 

Taking this approach can be both expensive and wasteful, not to mention that it would take up a ton of space too. 

I would describe this as a band-aid mindset — masking the problem in hopes that it will solve itself. 

The logic behind this is that the more you have, the easier it will be to get dressed each morning. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

It actually has the OPPOSITE EFFECT. 

how to build a minimal wardrobe

The more you have in you closet to choose from, the more likely you are to be overwhelmed with all the choices. 

This will only will make it harder to get dressed every morning.

Think about it for a second — why do some of the world’s most powerful men wear the same thing everyday?

Men like Steve Jobs, Barrack Obama, and even Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary do this because it’s one less decision they have to make. 

With all due respect, none of these men would ever be classified as a style icon but we can all learn something from them…

The Secret Is Simplicity

That’s right! 

Every well-dressed man knows that the key to style success is to build a minimal wardrobe.

This also means cleaning your closet of the old faithful clothes that have been worn too much.

To be honest, this can be a lot of work. Sorting through your closet to determine what stays and goes can be time consuming. 

It’s especially difficult if you’re not sure what you should be looking for. 

That’s why it helps to either go in with a well-defined game-plan or to seek the help of an expert. 


“When done right, a minimal wardrobe is so effective because each item you own is purchased intentionally.”

This is always the first step I take with my clients since it lays the foundation for their new image.

When done right, a minimal wardrobe is so effective because each item you own is purchased intentionally. 

Everything in your closet serves a purpose — which is to complement everything else you own. 

The flexibility of a well thought out minimal wardrobe will eliminate any indecision that you could experience. 

How To Build A Minimal Wardrobe

This will change your life!

Once you understand the basics, you’ll wish that you took the minimal wardrobe approach sooner. 

When building a minimal wardrobe, you success comes down to careful planning. This means that the select few pieces that you do own must coexist with one another. 

Trust me. 

Back in the day when I was style figuring out how to dress well, I never would’ve considered this approach. 

As my style has matured so has my position on shopping and wardrobe building.

Like I mentioned earlier, I also bought into the idea that the more you have, the easier it would be to get dressed — I was dead wrong. 

Learning how to build a minimal wardrobe was one of the best style related decisions I’ve ever made. 

Here’s why…

When all of the pieces in your wardrobe complement one another you rarely (if ever) make impulse purchases. 

Every item is carefully chosen with the intention of it fitting seamlessly into your outfit rotation. 

In order to achieve this you need to focus on neutral colours. Black, grey, navy, and brown are all your best bet. 

This will make dressing well so easy that you can do it with your eyes closed.  

Experience has also taught me that building a minimal wardrobe will help your clothes last longer. 

When you focus on quality over quantity you can invest in pieces that are built to withstand high mileage. This means less trips to the mall to replace your worn-out clothes and more time looking stylish while doing what you love.

Your Next Steps:

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read today’s article. 

Everything I’ve shared with you today will help you eliminate any analysis paralysis when you’re getting dressed. 

Now you should have a clear idea of how to build a minimal wardrobe, hopefully you were taking notes. 

To make your life a little easier download the style guide below.

Inside you’ll find the 16 Essentials Every Man Needs To Build The Perfect Wardrobe, Get Noticed, And Look Stylish… 

Sunjeev Prasad