How To Dress For Spring: 10 Tips That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Many have come and gone. Over the years I've seen all sorts of advice when it comes to transitioning into spring style.

Everything from men bleaching their hair to the rise and fall of joggers.

Trends change just as frequently (if not more) than the weather itself.

After seeing and reading nearly everything you can think of for the past decade, I've come to realize that certain style tips will always be relevant.



You'll find that much of the following list isn't focused on what's trendy right now.

That's because building your style around trends is a short-term and expensive approach to dressing well.

I say this since you'll have to replace your wardrobe frequently.

Otherwise you risk looking out of touch.

Also, focusing on items that have stood the test of time will allow you to invest more into these pieces.

You can rest assured knowing that you can wear these clothes for years to come.

Without any further delay, here's How To Dress For Spring: 10 Style Tips That Have Stood The Test Of Time


1) Own A Denim Jacket

A classic transitional piece.

One that you can trust will always be in style. It's a staple in every well-dressed man's wardrobe.

A denim jacket is easily dressed up or down and it's an item that's been around for decades.

You'll want to choose wisely. The means choosing a nice medium shade of denim.

Doing so will make it much easier to create denim on denim looks with creating the impression that you're wearing a Canadian Tuxedo.

Your best bet will always to wear a contrasting shirt underneath.

This will help you avoid looking like you're wearing a head-to-toe jumpsuit.


2) Lighten Up Your Footwear

There's no need for your heavy-duty gear anymore.

The best part about dressing for the warmer months is that you can explore lighter options when it comes to your wardrobe.

This is especially true when it comest to footwear.

With dozens of options for men to choose from, how do you decide which one's are right for you?

The best approach is to take your lifestyle into consideration.

In most cases you can get away with wearing a lighter pair of boots like a Desert or Chelsea.

In more casual settings, a pair of canvas sneakers would be appropriate.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous and want to channel your inner yacht-club member, try a pair of boat shoes.


3) Expect The Best But Prepare For The Worst

Strictly speaking about the weather.

You never know when the tides could turn (not literally).

This is when layering will be your best friend.

Layering is all about wearing your thinnest clothes to your thickest.

Not only does it serve a functional purpose (keeps you warm and protected from the elements) but it's also a great way to step up your style.

It can add texture, colour, and even pattern mixing to your image with minimal effort.

Though layering is simple in theory, it can be difficult to properly execute.

The key is to make sure that every piece of your outfit works in unison with the others.

If not, it's easy to look like you don't know what you're doing.

The best part about layering is that you can always add a layer to warm up or strip one away to cool down.

You're prepared for any conditions with this approach.

4) A Gentleman Always Has An Umbrella Handy

You've seen this scene at least once in a movie.

The charming main character pulls out an umbrella for his cute love interest.

While he gets soaked, she remains perfectly dry and all the effort she put into looking great that day doesn't go to waste.

Yes it's the cliche move. But wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry?

Now you don't have to keep the umbrella on you at all times. That'd be a pain in the ass.

Just make sure it's within reach in case the weather decides to be a little moody that day.

Keeping it in your car, work bag, or office is good enough.


5) Brighten Up Your Colour Palette

The warm weather means cooler, more lively colours to balance it out.

It helps to think of adding colour to your wardrobe in the same way you'd think about adding spice to a recipe when you're cooking.

Too much of it and your dish (in this case your outfit) is ruined.

All it takes is a few carefully chosen hints of colour to add a little personality to your look.

Lighter colours will also help keep you cool since they won't absorb as much heat like black, grey, and navy do.

Something worth considering especially when the summer months come around.


6) Adopt Lighter, More Breathable Fabrics

There's no need to sacrifice fashion for function in this case.

If Southern gentlemen can get away with wearing suits in the middle of summer, then there's no excuse for dropping the ball.

Thankfully we've been forced to adapt to the warmer weather by exploring more breathable fabrics.

Some of your best options will be: linen (great for blazers), lighter-weight wool (full suits), and even cotton (for nearly everything else).

The point is that you can still look great without sweating like an NHL goalie in game 7 of the playoffs.

Just be careful with dressing too lightly.

Once the sun sets you'll likely regret it with the dropped temperatures.


7) Take The Saying "Sun's Out, Guns Out" Lightly

We all love a good tank-top wearing day.

Unfortunately we can't get away with wearing them anywhere and everywhere.

You'll want to pick and choose when you're wearing one. This means being cautious in potentially more formal settings (even some BBQ's require us to dress up a little bit).

Remember that nobody wants to see your hairy armpits.

This is especially true if you're out for dinner and they're trying to eat.

If you're ever on the fence about whether or not to wear a tank-top, just play it safe. Go with a t-shirt instead and you'll be ok.

8) Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Of course this is weather dependent.

When it comes to casual days or the weekends you can always get away with a clean pair of white sneakers.

The Adidas Stan Smith is ideal.

This shoe has a nice silhouette that works naturally with a casual suit look.

It's also versatile enough to be worn with a t-shirt and jeans.

The best part is that it won't break the bank at around $100 for a pair.

For more dressed-up days you can always go with a suede oxford shoe.

It's classy enough to be worn to the office from Monday to Friday. You can also get away with wearing them to your buddy's wedding this summer too.

The nice thing about suede is that it's a great alternative to leather.

Of course leather is ideal when it comes to handling the harsh conditions that winter brings.

But during the warmer months you you can get away with a well-made pair of suede dress shoes.

Just make sure to spray them with a weather protector to avoid any stains from building up.

Finally, if they're good enough for Elvis, they're good enough for you too ;)


9) Stay Hydrated

The only grooming tip on this list.

You're likely thinking, "How does this one fit in with the others?"

Well, with the warmer temperatures you'll be more likely to sweat.

As a result you'll want to stay hydrated. This will not only to keep your mind and body functioning properly but also keeps your skin clear.

It also prevents it from drying out.

The easiest way to achieve this is to always have a well made, easy to carry water bottle handy.

One that will easily fit into your work and gym bag while also being durable enough to take a bit of beating (which it will).


10) Add A Statement Suit To Your Wardrobe

Make a statement!

Are you tired of blending in or feeling like a drone?

Then read carefully...

Take into consideration the previous tips about transitioning into lighter weight materials and brightening up your colour palette.

Doing so will make it easy to decide on a spring statement suit.

Just be careful with going too bright with the colour. This risks making you looking eccentric (unless you're ok with that).


Last Thoughts:

That should be more than enough to help you with this seasonal transition.

Though much of it focuses on practicality, there's no need to sacrifice fashion for function.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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