How To Feel More Confident About Your Style Using These Classic Accessories

Are you familiar with the saying, "The devil is in the details?" It's one of my favourites.

That's because I've always been a firm believer in the idea that all of the small things add up to make a big difference.

Of course this applies to all areas of your life - career, fitness, etc. but the one area that it's most applicable is your senes of style.

Back in the day (when I had no idea what I was doing) this never would've made any sense to me.

I put together outfits without any rhyme or reason.

Wearing nearly every colour under the rainbow, completely clueless about proper fit, and living with a grooming routine that was "good enough."

It's been a steep learning curve but I've come a long way and if I can transform my life so you can you!


All those years of trial and error have taught me that the best approach is to keep things simple.

The less you have to think about what you're wearing, the easier your life will be. You'll also feel confident in knowing that you look good since it's nearly impossible to mess up a simple outfit.

This also means that you can easily add unique accessories to your outfits without having to give it much thought.

With that said, here's a few details you'll want to add to your wardrobe if you haven't already...

Pocket Squares

There once was a time when I thought pocket squares were just a trend.

That was a couple of years ago when Mad Men was still on TV. It seemed like a lot of men were wearing pocket squares because they looked cool.

Fast-forward to today and I've come to the realization that pocket squares ARE cool.

Not only that but it's easily one of the simplest and cost effective ways of improving your style without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

I especially like this one from Adesso Accessories (which you'll notice I'm wearing in the picture above).

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Statement Ties

Another great way to improve your professional wardrobe.

I know you might hate wearing ties but bear with me.

Yes they can feel uncomfortable or restrictive at times. They may even be a grim reminder of the stressful week you just went through but there's an upside here.

Most men are ditching ties these days as dress codes are loosening up across the board.

What does this mean for you?

Think about how much easier it is to stand out in an increasingly casual world. All of the details mentioned in this article will position you head and shoulders above everyone else in your workplace.

It might be time to ditch the idea of feeling "comfortable" in your workplace attire if climbing the ladder is something you're interested in doing.


Tie Bars

This one's the most subtle detail on this list. I also wouldn't say it's a necessity either.

Tie bars a great way to add some personality to your outfits without being too flashy about it.

Take this Adesso one for example -- it's subtle, classy, and unique all at the same time. Talk about a great conversation starter.

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Another upside to wearing a subtle accessory like tie bars is that they'll make you (and your personal brand) that much more memorable.

Something worth considering if you're doing a lot of networking and are looking to stand out in crowded settings.

Lapel Pins

You could argue that this is the boldest accessory listed here.

Lapel pins also aren't as common as pocket squares or ties but we are seeing them more frequently these days.

In case you don't know what a lapel pin is, they're a small pin worn on the lapel (a.k.a. collar) of your suit jacket.

You'll often see men wearing pins to show their support for a specific cause. An example would be sports broadcasters wearing pink ribbons to show their support for breast cancer.

More commonly lapel pins are worn as a decorative piece that's meant to add some character to your outfit.

Last Thoughts:

So now that it's all said and done you have a few subtle ways of feeling more confident about your style.

Of course this is more relevant when you're dressing up but these tips would also come in handy for smart-casual outfits too.

These tips are especially handy if you're having trouble stepping out of your comfort zone.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read today's article!

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