How To Match Your Shoes With Navy And Grey Suits

Black suit, black shoes -- that's an easy one to figure out. But how do you match your Monday to Friday looks?

That's what this post is going to cover!

Grey Suits:

For more conservative settings it's best to stick to classic combos like a grey suit with black shoes.

This is especially true for medium grey suits.

The real fun begins in more relaxed environments.

Rather than playing it safe (arguably predictable) consider pairing your classic grey suit with a pair of brown dress shoes and a brown belt.

In the warmer months swap the laced-up dress shoes for a pair of leather loafers coupled with a no-show sock.

One look you want to avoid is a dark grey suit with any pair of brown shoes since the contrast will draw eyes distractingly downwards


Navy Suits:

You often see men wearing navy suits with black dress shoes which is ok. Ideally it's best to avoid doing so.

The reason being "the black hole effect."  In this case navy and black compete to be the dominant colour in your look.

Since the two are so closely matched in shade it's hard to clearly distinguish between them.

Your best bet will always be brown shoes no matter what shade they're in.

The red undertones in most shades of brown pair well with anything navy since they contrast one another so well.


Other options:

More than likely you'll end up with more suits than the two mentioned.

Black, khaki, burgundy, and brown are a few others that may end up in your rotation.

The reason black isn't necessarily considered a "must-have" suit simply has to do with its lack of flexibility.

One thing you want to avoid is wearing brown shoes with a black suit especially if it's a darker shade of brown.

This will create a washed-out look but a much lighter shade of brown could work since there's enough of a contrast.


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Last Thoughts:

At the end of the day your goal is to avoid matching dark coloured suits with dark coloured shoes. The same applies for light shades too.

The more distinct the contrast between the two the better.

Always remember: dark suit, lighter shade of shoes. Light suit, darker shade of shoes.

It can be that simple though there is room to experiment as long as you stay within these general guidelines.

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