6 Quick Fixes To Improve Your Casual Style Today

The guidelines for what to wear in the workplace are usually pretty clear. What happens to guys when they're set free in the wild and have all the freedom they could ask for when it comes to what to wear?

A few common mistakes seem to consistently pop up so now it's time to address them and offer a solution for each one.


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When it comes to casual style it's easy to play it safe. Keep this quote in mind, "Only dead fish swim with the stream."

In other words, rather than going with the flow and sticking to what the rest of your buddies are doing, follow these quick fixes and you'll easily stand out for being a well-dressed man who's confident enough to stand out.


  • Mind the length of your jacket sleeves: this applies when you're going for the jeans & blazer look. When buying a new blazer to go with your jeans make sure that the sleeve of it ends at your wrist bone. Shirt cuffs should stick out about another 1/2 to 3/4 of inch from the jacket.


  • Check your pant breaks: especially when you notice fabric piling up on top of your shoes. It's the result of buying pants that are too long which is one detail that has ruined far too many good outfits. The solution is simple -- either have your pants hemmed or in the case of casual trousers and jeans you can always cuff them. If you're folding your cuff more than 3 times then the pants need to be hemmed.


  • Avoid too many colours: a general rule of thumb should be stick to no more than 3 colours within an outfit. Always start with a neutral colour or two and build out from there. This includes accessories like hats and socks that you'd wear with the look you're going for.


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  • Save the cross-trainers for the gym: the right idea with the wrong execution is just as bad as the wrong idea. Rather than wearing a pair of cross-trainers that would be great for a marathon consider other lifestyle footwear options like the Air Max series and Roshe from Nike. Adidas' Superstars, or Converse's Chuck Taylor. All of which embody the athletic characteristics of gym shoes but with a more casual vibe.


  • Pull up your socks: it happens far too often -- guys wearing boring old black socks with what could otherwise be a great outfit. With so many great options out there for socks there is no excuse for not having an eye-catching collection.


  • Ditch the plaid: it's a great option but a far too common and safe one. A few great alternatives include vertical stripes, camo, floral, and polka-dot print shirts. All of which are still relevant and nowhere near as predictable as another plaid shirt.



Last Thoughts:

A couple of these may seem like subtle tweaks but a small change has the ability to make a big difference.

Take socks for example. Ditching plain black for a pair with more personality (say in the colours of your favourite sports team) not only improves your look but can also be a great conversation starter.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it for you. If you’d like me to personally help you get results get a hold of me here. Contact Sunjeev.

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