5 Essential Pieces To Look Great And Stay Warm This Fall

Are you the type of guy who's always on the go? Does your day revolve around the locker-room, the board-room, and a restaurant dining-room?

If so, I can relate...


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Hitting the gym early in the morning, followed by working on Street Gentlemen, to occasionally going out at night means that I have to be prepared for a variety of situations.

After discovering how effective layering can be my life became much easier. 

As a guy who's always on the go this makes perfect sense.

So if you're the type of guy who leaves home early, has places to be throughout the day, and doesn't want to be left unprepared, you're reading the right post!


The Basics Of Layering:

The simplest way you can approach this is to begin with your thinnest layers and build up to your thickest ones.

This means the lightest weight materials are closest to your body and as you're creating your look the materials get progressively heavier in weight.

Using this technique guarantees that your most durable garments, the ones that will withstand the most against the elements, are on the outside while the most breathable ones are closest to your skin.

When doing so you have more control over regulating your body temperature as you add or remove layers.

Some Key Layering Pieces To Keep In Mind:

Once you have a basic understanding of how layering works the next step is to know what materials are best for the cooler fall months.

Some of the best include:

  • Thermal Henley in white which will go with every other piece
  • Flannel Shirts typically in red, navy, or black
  • Jean Jackets in a medium blue so it isn't an exact match to your jeans
  • Tweed Blazers in brown and grey will be your best and most versatile bet
  • Wool Overcoat in either grey or black since these are most versatile

You'll also notice that when you start dressing seasonally you'll gain more mileage from your wardrobe staples (you can find them all in this free Style Guide). Ultimately they're getting less wear and tear throughout the year.

A few key fall accent colours you may want to consider trying out include:

  • Burgundy
  • Forest Green
  • Variations of Grey
  • And Burnt Orange

Since fall is generally a colder season, warmer colours like burgundy and burnt orange really pop when paired with neutrals like navy.

Just remember to wear them in small doses. You want to avoid wearing head-to-toe accent colours or risk drawing too much attention.


The Ultimate Layering Goal:

When you're layering the most important thing to keep in mind is that your outfit should still work even when you remove pieces.

Getting too warm is a likely scenario you could find yourself in. The last thing you want is to feel reluctant to ditch a piece since it may throw off your aesthetic.

This can easily be avoided by planning how you look could break down beforehand.


Last thoughts:

With this list in hand you should be well-prepared going into the fall.

The key takeaway in this post is about layering.

Layering's important during transitional seasons since it ensures that you're prepared for cold mornings that turn into warm afternoons. Ideal for men who are always on the go.

Hopefully  you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

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