2 Tips That Will Save You Tons Of Money When Upgrading Your Wardrobe

Do you hate throwing away money? Even worse, throwing it away on something that you never end up wearing?

I've been there and done that. It's frustrating! 

How would you like to never feel this way again while getting the most out of your hard-earned money the next time you go shopping?


Today you'll learn when you should invest (spend a little extra) and when it's ok to be more budget friendly with your clothes.

There's a handful of items every man should feel comfortable investing a few extra dollars in.

By doing so, your chances of finding something of higher quality increases.

NOTE: Don't get this mixed up with the idea of spending more equals better quality.

A lot of the time the quality of luxury brands are comparable to products that are a fraction of the price.

Before we move forward you should refer to this post about 15 Timeless Essentials Every Man Should Own. This will give you an idea of what to look for in the coming weeks. 


A few items worth investing in would be: 

  • A Navy or Grey suit
    • Both will always be in style and are very versatile since they'll match with nearly everything. 
    • Feel confident when spending a little extra on either of these
  • Dark denim
    • Once again, very versatile. A piece that's always in season and can easily be made formal with a pair of dress shoes.
    • These can easily be dressed down with a pair of sneakers too. Who doesn't want to be more laid-back once in a while?
  • Black and brown dress shoes
    • Staples every man should own no matter what line of work you're in.
    • Eventually we all have to attend a formal event and don't want to be scrambling to find a good pair. Invest wisely ;)
  • A peacoat (or similar winter coat)
    • When those colder days pay us a visit you don't want to wear a heavy duty snowboard jacket with your office clothes.
    • The key is to keep your outfits within the same 'family.' Dress clothes with dress clothes and athletic wear with with other athletic pieces.
  • Dress shirts 
    • The type that you'd normally wear with a suit. These are worth investing in since a higher quality material will last longer so you won't have to replace them as frequently.
    • Always make sure that the proportions of your collar, ties, and jacket lapel are all within the same range. A common mistake is a skinny tie with a collar that's much wider -- though it sounds minor, this throws off the whole look.

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You can afford to be more budget friendly with pieces like: 

  • T-shirts and henley shirts 
    • Since you'll likely cycle through them faster than most other items don't worry about breaking the bank when adding these to your wardrobe.
    • When looking for these you want to spend around $15-35. Some will cost upwards of $50-70 so don't feel guilty investing once in a while.
  • Sneakers (footwear is the first thing women notice about us)
    • This one's in a bit of a grey area since I do believe that you'll notice a difference when investing a good pair.
    • If they're likely to get beat up, don't spend more than $100. If you're like me and don't mind babying your footwear feel free to invest a little more.
  • Casual button-up shirts 
    • The kind you'll normally wear with a pair of jeans when running errands or hanging out on weekends.
    • The easiest way to dress up a casual outfit without feeling over-dressed. Feel free to wear these with a suit too since the difference with a traditional dress-shirt is subtle.
  • Casual sweaters
    • Your best bet will always be a grey crewneck sweater around $100 since it can be dressed up or down easily. 
    • Though you shouldn't break the bank with these, make sure the quality is durable enough to last a few season. A good cardigan can replace a blazer if you're looking for variety.
  • Polo shirts
    • It always helps to have a few of these in your regular rotation (I'm actually wearing one as I write this).
    • With the wide range of selection at various price points it's easy to spend a lot of money when you don't need to. Around $50-75 is a reasonable price though more affordable options do exist.

Final Word:

Dressing well doesn't have to be expensive.

In fact most people won't even notice if you're wearing a designer label or a fast fashion piece from H&M, Zara, or Topman.

At the end of the day if it fits well, is high quality, and you feel great in it, that's all that matters.

Once again, I'll leave you with my favourite quote...

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And if you play good, they pay good.”– Deion Sanders

Take care,


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