5 Smart-Casual Outfits You Can Wear Before Summer's Over (Using White Sneakers)

If you're like me and live in a city where summer is short-lived, you take full advantage of the warm weather. Though it's much easier to throw on a tank top with shorts, don't sell yourself short (no pun intended).

It's easy to look great without feeling the wrath of the heat.

All it takes is a little careful planning and understanding what you need to look for.

That's it!

Before we dive into it, you might be wondering...

What Are Some Go-To Brands?

This will vary depending on how much you're willing to spend.

It's worth keeping that in mind before hitting the mall.

That way you don't waste your time at stores that don't appeal to you.

Without any further delay I'm going to share some of my favourite brands with you.

You'll notice that there's only a handful of companies mentioned.

That's because a few of them carry a wide enough selection that you'll find everything that you're looking for within a few shops.


  • JCrew
  • Club Monaco


  • Naked & Famous
  • Topman


  • Adidas (Stan Smith)
  • Steve Madden


  • Levis
  • Asos

Now that we have that out of the way, check out the following list to get you moving in the right direction... 

1) Dark Blue Jeans + White Shirt + Contrasting Denim Jacket + Brown Belt + Brown Dress Shoes (pictured above)

Here's a breakdown of the outfit grid from the picture above.

This seems like an easier way to get a clear idea of what you should be looking for when creating out from this example.

1: Stretch skinny jeans from Topman

2: Levis denim jacket

3: Brown leather belt from JCrew

4: Adidas Stand Smith shoes

5: White Oxford dress shirt JCrew


2) Dark Blue Jeans + Nautical Striped T-Shirt + Navy Blazer + White Sneakers

This one's an instant classic!

You can rely on this look for years to come.

The best part is that it's both casual and comfortable without looking sloppy.

3) Light Blue Jeans + Patterned Shirt + White Sneakers

Arguably on the more bold side.

If you're ok with wearing more vibrant patterns and colours, this one's for you.

The only drawback to patterns like floral is that they're only relevant during the spring and summer months.



4) Khakis + White Shirt + Contrasting Denim Shirt + White Sneakers

A classic, preppy inspired look with a masculine touch.

The khakis will be great for keeping you cool while the denim shirt will keep you looking rugged.

This is another great look that you could easily wear for a night out on the town or for hanging out at a BBQ with your buddies.


5) Light Blue Jeans + Plaid  Shirt +Trench Coat + White Sneakers

This look is slightly more dressed-up than the others.

You could argue that this is the ultimate casual-Friday look (assuming that you can get away with sneakers at the office).

The trench coat is great for layering and will keep you dry in case it starts raining.



Are These Looks Right For Me?

Did somebody say business casual?

If so, you're in the right place!

These outfits have been built with versatility in mind.

There's no need to drag an extra change of clothes with you throughout the day if you have other plans after clocking out.

Smart-casual style is all about dressing appropriate for your age while still being able to have fun once work's over.

You can easily get away with wearing most of these outfits in the office or whole you're knocking back a few pints with your buddies.

Without a doubt, summer is the most laid-back time of year when it comes to style.

With that said, you can still look sharp without feeling stuffy or overdressed when you're out having fun.

Use these outfits for inspiration and feel free to have your own take on them too.

That's what style is all about.

These are simply just guidelines for you to work within.

Let your unique personality shine through in whatever way feels best for you!

Stay stylish my friend ;)

When And Where Can I Wear These Outfits?

I touched on this earlier.

These looks have been chosen to make your life easier!

Versatility is the key to dressing well without having to think about it.

We already have enough on our plates between work, our personal lives, and having fun.

Let's not complicate things by overthinking our style.

Start by downloading this cheat sheet if you haven't already. 

It outlines the ONLY colours any man ever needs in his wardrobe.

If you pay close attention, the outfits listed in this article were carefully chosen with this in mind.

You'll find that these outfits will come in handy for work, attending meetings, chilling at a BBQ, or even joining your main squeeze for a light-hearted picnic.

The best part is that some of these pieces (like the dark denim and Chelsea boots) can be worn all year-round.

So you don't have to worry about them sitting in your closet at the first sight of snow if you choose to add them to your wardrobe after reading this.

You'll also notice that there's a few layers in each outfit.

That's also been done intentionally.

The reason behind it is simple.

You never know when the weather's going to change or if your day turns out to be longer than expected.

Have you ever left the house in the morning when it's chilly only to have the temperature rise by 2o degrees by lunchtime?

This may not be the case everyday but it happens often enough.

That's why it's wise to dress in layers - so you can adjust when necessary.

I've also noticed that dressing for the weather outside doesn't always mean that you'll be warm inside.

Working in coffee shops or offices comes with the added benefit of air conditioning.

This is great when it's scorching hot outside but after a few hours it can get pretty chilly.

That's where layering also comes in handy!

Last Thoughts:

Hopefully you enjoyed today's article.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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