How Wearing This ONE Colour Can Help You Appear More Confident, Attractive, And Healthy

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? But it is and it's based on scientific research.

This one colour can be a tricky one to pull off without looking bad.

But when done properly it can easily improve your style and have all the desired effects mentioned in the headline.

So what is it?

The ONE colour you'll want to add to your wardrobe is red.

When it comes to fall your best bet is to focus on a specific shade of red. It will be more relevant for the changing colours of fall.

But before we get to that, let's go over why it can have this effect on your appearance.

According to research they found that people responded more favourably to shades of red for a number of reasons.


The primary reason being that we're culturally conditioned by its meaning.

You see the impact of this frequently in sports.

Ever wonder why red is one of the most common jersey colours?

Based on the research they found the competitors wearing red were successful more often than their opponents in other colours.

It was most notable in evenly matched events when the outcome could've gone either way.

Researchers argue that officials would usually rule in favour of the athletes in red.

This is based on the idea that it can make you look more "intimidating."

The theory is that it mimics blood rushing to the surface of our skin.

It's a physical reaction that happens when someones feeling angry or aggressive.

Basically when our muscles get fired up so we can make a quick response (it's also a sign of elevated testosterone levels).

That's why it makes you appear more confident, attractive, and healthy.

So even if you're not feeling this way, you're able to influence how people perceive you simply by the way you're dressed.

Why You'll Want To Tone It Down During The Fall Months

A traditional red is too intense when it comes to your fall wardrobe.

With the cooler months and changing colours in the leaves you'll want to adjust your outfits accordingly.

This means wearing colours that aren't quite as intense as reds, yellows, and greens.

Basically avoid anything that's too bright.

Now that a traditional red is out of the equation, what options are you left with?

Well, you're in luck!

There is a great alternative to red that's more appropriate for the cooler climate.


Add hints of this colour to your wardrobe and you'll still influence people in the same subtle ways red does.

When men first started wearing burgundy it was typically meant for more formal events.

In the last few years we've been seeing men taking a more casual approach with this statement making colour.

For you fellow Game Of Thrones fans, this is the dominant colour we see on the Lannister banner (don't worry, I'm team John Snow).

They were on to something when they chose this palette.

If you look at it from a colour matching perspective, gold (or shades of brown) effortlessly compliments burgundy.

More importantly, the colours gold and burgundy also represent royalty and nobility.

Who wouldn't want to associate themselves with these traits?

How To Add Burgundy To Your Wardrobe

Since it's a pretty intense colour, you'll want to add burgundy to your outfits in small doses.

It pairs very well colours like grey/charcoal, navy, and black.

These colours are able to visually balance out your look without being too flashy.

A go-to outfit that immediately comes to mind is wearing a pair of charcoal trousers or chinos with a burgundy turtleneck and black dress shoes.

This look works great in a variety of settings.

You can easily pull this off in the office, to a dinner party, or if you're going out on a date.

Not only does wearing burgundy make you look classy but it also works great with a wardrobe that's built on neutral colours.

So if you've been sticking to my advice and have a versatile selection of clothing, you'll have no problem adding this colour into your rotation.

Mistakes You'll Want To Avoid With Burgundy

I have a confession to make...

Burgundy can be a tricky colour to pull off without looking bad.

But when done correctly it can make you look sharp and sophisticated.

You'll have no problem dressing well as long as you stick to the advice of pairing burgundy with neutrals.

Some men will pair burgundy with green but tread lightly.

When done correctly (like with a camo pattern) you can look great!

When paired with the wrong shade, a burgundy and green combo can easily make you look like you're going to a Christmas party.

This should go without saying but it's hard to take someone seriously when they're dressed too festive (especially months away from the Holidays).

Another thing to be careful with is making sure that burgundy works well with your complexion.

Generally speaking most guys will be ok.

Last Thoughts:

Burgundy can be a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.

It's a bold statement colour that some style experts would say works well as a neutral too.

When outfitted correctly with other neutral colours this is easily achievable.

Hopefully you enjoyed today’s article.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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