The Only Two Suits You Need For The Rest Of Your Life

You read that correct...You only really need two suits. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to have a wide selection of suits but if you only had to choose two these would be them.

These two suits are both timeless staples and versatile enough to be outfitted with a variety of different pieces.

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All a man needs in his collection is a grey and/or a navy suit

Now you might be thinking, "What about black suits?"

I'll get to that in a second.

But first...

There's nothing that a grey or navy suit can't do! Whether it's a first date, first day at a new job, or a wedding -- these suits will be appropriate for any occasion.

Your best bet would be to get one of each suit in a medium shade. This ensures that your suits will be relevant all year-round.

Keep in mind that lighter colours are great for warmer weather. Darker are appropriate for the colder months.

The next question you have could be, "Now what do I wear with them?"

My question for you is, "What CAN'T you wear with them?"

This is exactly why any men's style advice you come across consistently lists grey and navy as the MUST HAVE suits year after year.

A few go-to looks you can always depend upon include:

  • Navy suit, white button-up shirt, and brown dress shoes

Take note of how the red accents compliment both the navy and the brown


  • Navy suit, white button-up shirt, and white sneakers

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  • Grey suit, navy patterned button-up shirt, pair it with brown dress shoes

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  • Grey blazer, black pants (denim or chinos), white button-up shirt, pair it with black shoes

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What's wrong with black?

Nothing actually. If anything I would say that this should be the third suit that any man should own.

As you may know, it's often reserved for more formal occasions like a black tie event (obviously ;)) and of course funerals.

Because of these more buttoned-up associations the black suit isn't as versatile as the other two listed.

Though one of the many advantages that black suits offers is the slimming effect they have on all physiques.

So if this something you're looking for, by all means invest in a black suit.


Final Word:

In the case that you have to choose only one suit, my recommendation would be that you go with navy.

Nearly every colour except for black will work with this suit.

The reason I suggest you avoid pairing navy with black (in any situation) is that they both compete to be the dominant colour (would this be worth exploring further in another post?).

The best colour that often works with navy is brown.

With both a navy and a grey suit in your collection feel free to mix and match the pants and jackets to give yourself more options.

When doing so keep everything else simple and don't exceed more than a total of 3 colours per outfit since there's less likelihood of everything working together.

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“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And if you play good, they pay good.”– Deion Sanders

Take care,