Secrets Revealed: 3 Things Recruiters Are Looking For To Make Sure You Land Your Dream Job

It's never easy. Have you ever felt like you aced an interview but the job or promotion went to somebody else?

Not exactly the outcome you were looking for, right?

I know exactly how you feel.

After graduating with a degree in journalism I was excited to dive into the workforce.

I spent months upon months of writing cover letters. I invested countless hours networking to connect with the right people.

Finally it paid off!

After my first interview at a creative agency a few years ago I was asked to come back for a second the week after.

Surely they were ready to hire me. Right?

As a matter of fact I was already spending the money in my head. New clothes, new car, new place.


Recruiter Calgary


After the second interview was complete, a week had passed without any calls or emails.

The answer was clear. I didn't get the job and had no idea why .

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Lucy Skjarstad. She's a recruiter for Talentcor Professional.

After conversing with her I realized why I didn't get hired.

It was my style and lack of confidence.

If you've ever been in a similar situation keep reading.


Here are the top 3 tips of what a recruiter would be looking for to make sure you land your dream job.
Always Look The Part

"It's really important due to the fact that it speaks to your self-confidence.

"When you're going into work and you feel like you look really good you're going to come across a lot more professional, feel more presentable, and be more willing to go above & beyond."

In other words, making the extra effort can give you the competitive edge you're looking for.

This is often referred to as the "it" factor or "executive presence."

That slight edge can have you turning heads, getting positive attention, and make you more persuasive to others.

Edge Out Your Competitors

"You have two guys side by side who have the exact same professional experience and personality.

"One comes in wearing jeans and a golf shirt. The other comes in wearing a nice suit.

"Showing that you're going to put in that little bit of effort on behalf of your personal appearance is definitely going to help you stand out with people you'll be working with and doing business with day-to-day." Says Skjarstad.

Your key takeaway is to take the extra time to go above and beyond when it comes to preparing for the interview.

This means throwing on your best suit, polishing your shoes, and getting a haircut in the days leading up.

What You Can Do Today

Skjarstad says, "Don't be afraid to step outside the box because taking a risk and trying something new is where you're going to see things paying off for you.

"If you put yourself out there, others will see that and reciprocate it back to you. New experiences and different opportunities [can] come your way."

Adjust your appearance to genuinely reflect your personality.

Though an interview is typically a formal conversation, there's often opportunities to get to know one another on a personal level. Take advantage of this and don't be afraid to be unique.

Last Thoughts…

Aside from being an expert in your field, looking the part plays a key role in career success.

Based on Lucy's interview, it's a factor that recruiters and executives take into consideration when interviewing and once you're finally hired.

If you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you and you would like help getting results in your personal and professional life click here to learn more about Image Consulting. 


Here's Lucy's Interview:



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