What Does Your Style REALLY Say About You?

This could go one of two ways... It either works for you.

Or it works against you.

Ideally your style would give people a clear idea of who you are within seconds of meeting them.

Even if you say nothing.


While experimenting with my image over the last decade or so, I've come to notice a pattern.

The way you dress directly influences the way you're treated.

For example...

There was a phase in my early 20's that I was heavily inspired by hip-hop culture.

This meant taking a more streetwear inspired approach to my style.

A reflection of a care-free attitude which was reflected in my behaviour at the time too.

Of course as I grew older and my focus shifted more towards career success.

It made sense to dress accordingly. As my priorities shifted, so did my style.

This was the beginning of the suited-up era.

I'd seize any opportunity to wear a suit and tie (even if it meant overdressing for certain events).

Since my goal was to be taken seriously as a young professional, it was important to also look the part.

The key takeaway from this "experiment" was that people (whether they realize it or not) respond to you differently.

This is based on your appearance alone!

After much research, I've come to learn that since we don't live in a class-based society like some cultures do, we use a person's image as an indicator of social status.


Before you decide to spend your life-savings on expensive labels, take a few minutes to give the following tips a read


Style Indicates How Much You Care About Yourself

Almost immediately....

You can tell how much someone respects themselves by how much energy they invest in to their appearance.

This is more than just about style.

Everything from grooming, your workout routine, and even what you put into your body all play a role.

Do you still have friends from back in the day?

Guys who still have the same habits from university but no they're in their 30's?

You can see the effect that years of drinking and poor nutrition have on their bodies.

The same applies with the way they dress.

A wise man once said, "Looking good isn't self importance, it's self respect."

You can tell a lot about a man's inner dialogue based on the way he presents himself.

Someone who doesn't want to draw a lot of attention to themselves when they're feeling self-conscious will usually take up less space.

Their body language is much more closed off and you'll notice their voices are more timid too.

This is often reflected in their style too.

Some men will wear baggier clothing which won't draw as much attention to their physique.

On the other hand, men who take pride in their appearance sub-communicate to the world that they should be respected.


Because they respect themselves enough to present themselves in a way that encourages people to take them seriously.


Style Drops Hints Of What Your Personality's Like

It says who you are before you even speak.

That's because style is another form of non-verbal communication.

Also, our mind remembers visuals more often than what people have to say.

Do you ever forget somebody's name?

Most of us have!

But you usually remember meeting them or at least what they look like.

In other words, they left an impression with you even if you can't recall their name.

That's why it's important to take a second to think about what your style says about you.

Ideally it would give hints about your personality...

Within a few seconds of meeting, people should have a basic understanding of who you are.

How creative, confident, and approachable you are would be a few examples.

The best part is that you have FULL CONTROL of what sort of impression you make.

So if you're feeling outgoing and creative, try a little pattern mixing with bolder colours to reflect that.

If your intention is to come across as more elegant and mysterious, go with darker shades that will draw less attention to yourself.



Style Can Show How Materialistic You Are

In other words, how confident you are.

Do you ever drape yourself in logos from head to toe?

If so, it might be time to reconsider your approach to style.

Nothing screams insecurity more than a flashy outfit that's intended to draw attention to the person wearing it.

For the record, feeling good about your appearance and dressing in a way that turns people's heads is different.

If your sole intention is to seek validation from others based on the way you dress, there's something deeper that needs to be addressed (which is beyond the scope of this site).

Let's take a look at some of the most successful men in the world for a second.

Have you ever seen Bill Gates draped in Louis Vuitton or Gucci?


He can easily afford it too but he's so focused on letting his actions speak for him instead.

One of the best views on this came from Denzel Washington's character in American Gangster.

He said, "The loudest one in the room is the weakest one."

Words every man should live by.


Last Thoughts:

There's one key takeaway you should live by after reading this.

Set aside some time to decide what message you'd like to send through your style.

Of course, this isn't the end all, be all but it is the first impression people will have of you.

Wouldn't you rather have it work for you rather than against yourself?

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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