What Really Held You Back From Looking Your Best This Past Year

Knowledge is power... You've likely heard that saying before.

But what that famous quote is missing is that knowledge without application is basically useless.

At any given moment you can whip out your smartphone and find the answer to any question that's on your mind.

So why is that so many people are still struggling to reach their goals?

Tony Robbins has said that most people don't achieve their goals because of fear. 


Many of them will gather information or purchase products that will help them escape from it temporarily.

This doesn't address the real issue.

Most people don't even realize that this fear exists.

If that's the case, how are you supposed to address it?

Based on my own personal experience and from the work I've done with image consulting clients, I've noticed a few patterns.

Here's the most common misconceptions that hold men back from looking their best...

Are you ever worried about what other people might think of you?

Easily the most common belief that holds men back from dressing well.

This one's especially true when you're part of a group of friends who are more close-minded.

Some of my image consulting clients have mentioned this to me while we're working together.

There's no shortage of information available on dressing well but doing so can run the risk of being made fun of by your friends.

More often than not, they're projecting their own insecurities on to you.

Sometimes they're even afraid of losing you as a friend.

The idea is that since you're dressing better they may think that you'll find a new group of like-minded friends and forget all about them. 

Does the idea of trying something new and getting wrong make you uncomfortable?

Nobody likes making mistakes.

It's obvious when you mess up your style too.

That sticks with you all day and it's out in plain sight.

Unless you go home and change (which isn't likely if you're working all day), you're stuck with the decision you've made.

Sounds discouraging, doesn't it?

That's why most men are afraid to change up their look.

If it worked for you back in college, why wouldn't it work for you in your 40's?

I'll let you in on a secret...it doesn't!

As we get older and take on new roles in life, our style needs to grow along with it.

Getting away with chunky skate shoes, loud colours, and faded t-shirts might've been ok in your 20's but now it's time for a change.

Ever get tired of being overlooked or not being taken as seriously as you'd like?

Here's the reason why.

You'll want to take some time to jot down the qualities about yourself you'd like to see reflected in your style.

Once you're done that, look for men who dress in a way that embodies those characteristics and draw inspiration from them.

If you need some help, check out my 1-on-1 image consulting program. 

Is it possible that you're not sure if something you see in a picture will actually look good on you?

It's hard to tell.

Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own heads and start thinking, "He's a model, of course it looks good on him." or "Ya that looks great in a picture. It's probably Photoshopped."

These are examples of limiting beliefs -- a pattern of thought that men lean on so that they can play it safe.

Getting compliments for dressing well is only reserved for the handful of men who are willing to stand out and take risks.

Blending in and playing it safe doesn't get you noticed.

Of course when you're in the early stages of changing your style, thoughts like this will be common.

As you continue to develop an eye for what actually works for you, you'll be able to decide within a few seconds of seeing a picture if an item will look good on you or not.

Do you feel overwhelmed with how much info there is about men's style and can't decide where to start?

No surprise here...

A single Google search about "how to dress well" generates 408,000,000 results!

That's insane.

Most of it won't appeal to busy men who'd like to look good without thinking about it.

Taking this approach also results in one of two things.

You'll either read the first two or three results and keep digging or give up entirely because it's too time consuming.

Sound familiar?

There's already enough demands on your time.

Work can be stressful, you have relationships with friends and family to maintain, and you need time for yourself too.

So why would you spend countless hours trying to figure out what looks good on you even if you're tired of your current situation?

Which leads me to my next point...

Have you ever used excuses like, "I'll figure it out on my own...eventually?"

There's no shame in asking for help.

I do it nearly everyday.

Whether it's getting a friend's opinion on something business related or asking for workout tips from the other regulars at the gym.

Being willing to ask for help because saves you from making costly mistakes and keeps you from wasting valuable time.

Hiring an image consultant is comparable to working with a personal trainer.

At least that's how I designed my program.

It all begins with understanding what you're struggling with and creating a plan that will help you overcome what's holding you back.

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