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Discover how Tyson applied what he learned from Street Gentlemen to appear more attractive and feel more confident


Never Think About What To Wear Ever Again: 15 Done-For-You Outfit Ideas That Will Help You Look Your Best In Any Occasion

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What Can You Expect From This E-book?

  • 15 Outfits That Have Stood The Test Of Time: rely on these to dress well for work, going out on dates, or when you're taking it easy...
  • Looks that will help you avoid wasting at least $870 per year like most men do and learn what ACTUALLY defines good style
  • REVEALED… The Only 5 Colours Every Man Needs (how this helps you avoid using the WRONG combinations and looking bad)
  • How To Get More Mileage Out Of Your Wardrobe: maintenance hacks that will save you thousands of dollars and won't ruin your clothes
  • The 5 Rules Every Gentleman Lives By (discover how stylish men REALLY think and what makes them different from most other guys)
  • …and much, MUCH more.
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What's Inside Never Think About What To Wear Ever Again?

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  • Feel more confident and get more compliments when people notice your improved image

  • Advance your career since influential people like CEOs pay attention to how a man presents himself

  • Be seen as the person you REALLY are and know what actually defines good style

Outfits That Have Stood The Test Of Time

  • You can rely on these to dress well for work, going out on dates, or when you're taking it easy
  • Exactly what to wear which eliminates ALL of the guesswork for you, saving you time and years of frustration
  • Based on timeless outfits: proven looks that have been (and will be) in style for years to come so you'll always be dressed well
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Discover How You Can Think And Act EXACTLY Like A Stylish Man

  • Dress well without having to think about what to wear ever again while AVOIDING ROOKIE MISTAKES
  • Look like a man worth getting to know and be seen as the person you really are and know what ACTUALLY defines good style
  • You'll never worry about what other people think of you since your style represents your personality WITHOUT being flashy
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Kevin W. Kevin W.

"This guide is a great read which does a fantastic job of keeping the reader engaged while Sunjeev takes you through the steps to mastering men's style.

The steps are clearly defined and the actions to achieving success are concise with great examples along the way."

Craig A. Craig A.

"The interactive 'follow along and do as I've proved' nature of the writing makes it very hands on, and obviously it yields results, as the case studies do show.

A small investment for a large step in the right direction for any guy struggling with his wardrobe, well done."

Proven Results Of Real Men Who've Applied These Teachings

  • Experience more success in the dating world now that you're dressing in a way that will make you appear MORE ATTRACTIVE
  • Feel more confident since you will get compliments when people notice your improved image
  • Improve your network and advance your career because influential people (like CEOs) pay attention to how a man presents himself
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