The Secret To Feeling More Comfortable In Your Own Skin With Josh Sutton

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If somebody invented a magic potion for it, they’d be worth billions.

You could also argue that the right amount of bourbon might have the same effect.

But of course, that’s only a false sense of it.

When you meet someone who’s truly confident you can sense it in the way they carry themselves.

It’s like they’re not concerned with the opinions of others and express themselves freely.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to meet someone just like that.

Josh Sutton and I connected at a ManTalks event here in Calgary.

Though most of his time’s spent as an on premise manager for Red Bull, he also plays a key role in ManTalks’ expansion into Calgary.

When not working on either of those, he’s a volunteer board member for the Calgary Stampede and is part of a cycling team that raises money for cancer every year.

In other words, Sutton’s an ambitious young man driven by his desire to give back.

You might be wondering, “What does any of this have to do with men’s style?”

Well, the first step I always take with my clients is to get inside their head.

This means understanding who they are, what they’re struggling with, and what they’re looking to achieve with their image.

Laying this foundation makes defining their new sense of style so much easier.

Back to today’s article…

Recently Sutton and I caught up over coffee.

I was curious about what makes him tick.

In other words — how his unwavering belief in himself has translated into his personal style and what impact that’s had on his personal and professional success.

Here’s what I found out from our awesome conversation…


At the end of the day it’s all about confidence.

Confidence happens to be a byproduct of how comfortable you feel.

The following point Sutton made really stood out.

“I’ve learned you can wear different things in different scenarios. Not that you’re dressed inappropriate in anyway but it just doesn’t fit what everyone else is doing.

“You can walk in and be loud and get attention or you could walk in full of confidence in what you’re wearing. By not being the same as everyone else, people will be drawn to you because they’re intrigued.”

Walking into a crowded room and being ok with potentially being criticized for not “fitting in” takes a lot of confidence.

For example, Sutton mentions that one of his friends will break out a tuxedo for a night out.

It shows that he’s comfortable enough in his own skin to take such a risk.

Doing so also makes people curious, which creates an opportunity that you can have a lot of fun with.

“You don’t lie to people but you come up with little stories and just laugh it off.

“Saying something like, ‘It was the only clean thing in my closet so I had no choice’ shows my personality.

This is a great point about how light-hearted and fun style can be while eliminating the pain of small talk.

Ever meet someone and forget their name 30 seconds later?

We all have!

Most of us have been on the other end of that too.

The secret to overcoming that is to leave a unique and lasting impression. 


How To Stand Out From The Crowd And Be More Memorable

“Red Bull is such a multi-facetted company. We do different things from sports to culture, arts, and music.

“We’re also encouraged to display a bit of our own personal style.”

Sutton mentions that having a signature look can make you more memorable.

People are more likely to think of you as the ‘X,Y,Z’ (insert your desired qualities here) guy as opposed to one of the many people they’ve met that week.

Since you’ll likely cross paths with that person again, there’s a good chance they’ll remember specific details about you.

Of course that means you need to bring your A-game too.

Even if they forgot your name, you’re at an advantage if you remember theirs.

It shows that you care and were actually paying attention last time you met.

“Having confidence in a style that’s a little edgy and people wouldn’t normally wear while still speaking intelligently influences how people deal with you.

“They look at you differently than the other guys as opposed to a ‘cookie-cutter’ person they just do business with.

“I don’t just go to my customers as the Red Bull guy. I do my best to understand as much as possible about their businesses.”

The key takeaway here is that your image is an important part of your personal brand.

Ultimately you want to develop a style that’s true to your personality.

It should always leave people wanting to know more about you too.


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