Men’s Style Mastery

The Guide For Busy Professionals Who want To Be More Confident, Respected, & Attractive By Dressing Well


Why would you want this e-book?

It’s been written to help successful men who want to dress well but have no idea where to start.

This book is based on a proven strategy that outlines the exact step-by-step system that has benefited myself and my students. You can also achieve the following:

  • Feel a greater sense of self confidence

  • command respect no matter what the situation

  • appear more friendly and approachable

  • Plus more…


What can you expect insidE?

  • The Science of Why First Impressions Matter

  • THE TRUTH BEHIND WhY most men fail at dressing well


  • Plus Much More…


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This book is a great first step to taking care of an aspect of my life that I have never put enough attention towards. As I transition from ‘regular guy’ clothes to a style that I can be comfortable and confident in, I’m very glad to have this guide to refer to.
— Kev W.
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Not only does it work but at only $14.97, it's the tiniest investment you can make and
still have a realistic expectation of results

Sunjeev has written the bible for dressing well and opening doors for yourself. Through his experience in working with guys who aren’t living up to their full potential, he has delivered a book that will help any guy succeed.
— Graeme D.