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Here's A Few Results That Our Clients Have Been Getting Lately...

  • Tyson has moved on to a new job that he looks forward to going into everyday and has gone from being on the rebound from a breakup to now being engaged to his fiance
  • Jebb is no longer ignored when in crowded social settings...he is now often the centre of attention and has is consistently going out on dates due to his newfound confidence
  • Jim used to struggle with dressing well and has always wanted to dress better. After going through the program he's able to do this with ease an no longer wastes his money on clothes that make him look "frumpy" while feeling confident with his new approach to style

Here's What A Few Guys Who Have gone Through This EXACT Same Program Had To Say About It...

I don’t like to think too much about fashion, I’m busy doing many other things. I found it was helpful to have you assist me in developing a wardrobe that’s practical and professional.

I really appreciated having an expert to discuss my needs with and would absolutely recommend Street Gentlmen’s services to anyone.


I’m a guy who’s struggled with fashion but I’ve always wanted to look good. I would go into the store and be intimidated by the staff and everything would look the same to me. Before I would rush through things and just buy clothes that I didn’t really like.

Now I Don’t have to deal with predatory sales staff and I feel comfortable taking all the time I want. The experience was just fantastic, everything I was looking for and more.


“Working with Sunjeev was awesome. With the style and appearance that we’ve worked together to build has made my confidence much higher.

“It’s exciting to have a new look to share with everybody and it’s been an amazing experience, that was a lot of fun, and I would highly recommend it to anybody who’s looking to improve how they feel about themselves.


The shopping experience was amazing, having Sunjeev there to help me know what to look for helped with building the mature closet I was looking for. I’m in business now which means I’m always working. Deals could come in at anytime so I have to be prepared for it.


Here Is What You Will Get Out Of Your Consult:

  • We’re going to get more done in 1 hour together than you could in 6 months to a year
  • We’re going to get you clear on YOUR EXACT NEXT STEPS to get the positive, head-turning attention you’ve been craving
  • You’ll be feeling comfortable with your new look, turning heads, dressing well and stylish within a few days of completing the program!

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